Any other SAHM struggling right now?

There are work from home jobs, look into one of them.

Same here! My husband works a good job makes 3xs what I could make and we’re still struggling I miss working so much but in the same boat everyone’s hiring but noone is willing to work with schedules around the kids I have a 9 year old 7 year old and a 1 year old I have so much guilt staying home while my husband works godly hours to make it by but if I did work I’d literally would be paying to work makes no sense

I know this economy we are all living in completely sucks right now. My hubby and I do well and we r struggling this year as well. We can’t live under what we all are living under currently. Everyone is broke and poverty is up 5% not really sure how anyone is living right now. Good luck we all r struggling

Yessss the economy is THAT bad

Wow everyone is struggling under Biden who would’ve thought.

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Problem is I feel with this inflation that it’s forcing people to not want to have kids population control at its finest

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I’ve been a stay at home mom for at least 3 years now. But before that I was just making minimum wage. So not really covering anything. We struggle sometimes. Like I know we will definitely be struggling soon. We have 2 vehicle tags due right now and cause it’s holidays. And right now we have my daughter bday at the end of October, mine 2 weeks later, thanksgiving 2 weeks after that, and then Christmas. Like it’s rough. What’s really killing us right now is our car payment. It’s $662… we have 3 kids(one being a NB so he doesn’t eat rn). I spend about $250-300 a month for groceries. Sometimes more. We put $700 into my account every week to pay all bills, groceries, etc. I should have about 975 left for the month. That’s not including groceries and gas. And I HONESTLY have no clue where it goes! I hate how stressful my husband gets with being our only income but we both would rather me be home than work. He always says my time would be better spent at home with our kids than working. Nobody can take care of them the way I do. Plus my oldest was abused by a daycare so I just don’t trust people anymore unless I know them.

We struggling and I sahm since last December and now I’m pregnant wit baby no.2 carnt work atm cuz wouldn’t of worked long anuff for mat leave and ain’t going bk to work wen baby 2 weeks and need mummy the most so waiting til bubba 9months old so end of 2024 begginin of 2025
Even when me and Mr was doun 12 hrs shifts each rotation we was still screwed u carnt have just one jncom3 now as a family gotta have more x