Any other SAHM struggling right now?

My stay at home moms how are you guys surviving right now?!?! Seriously I have been a stay at home mom for five years, and we have three kids, and have been comfortable on just my husbands income that whole time. He JUST got a raise and we are STRUGGLING!! Please tell me I’m not the only one! I’m trying to go back to work but finding a job that works around EVERYONES schedules is impossible, so I did my best but I’ll still have to pay someone to pick up and drop off my kids and watch my little all day. This is a vent post but let’s air it out! Is the economy that bad? We haven’t made any major changes at all if anything we’ve down sized lol! Send the wine and let talk about it haha


It’s super hard! I babysit regularly for three kids every day at my house. Because I also have an autistic child, finding a job that’s not going to be annoyed when I have to leave to get said child or stay home with said chikd is harder.

Same here!!! It is HARD right now …we are surviving week to week and sometimes barely!

We live check to check I work and my husband has two jobs

Get a part time job at a restaurant, work in the evenings. I’ve been a SAHM off and on for 12 years. Mentally it’s draining also not having adult interactions. So I bartend 3 nights a week. The money is great and it’s nice getting a break.

Yes the economy is that bad. My husband makes decent money & I also work & were struggling so hard rn. It’s honestly sad. You aren’t alone I think everyone is feeling it rn.

Get a job at the school. Off on holidays and summers. That what I did. I love it


Girl same boat here! Sahm of 3 for 5 years now hubby works. 1 income is so hard. Wish I was able to work

Idk how anyone is managing anymore. My husband and I both work full time over 80hrs and we struggle. Life’s too much now for large families to make it.


1000 percent! I think it’s super hard to survive right now

It’s hard right now and everything just went up. Our electric and water bills went up. My property taxes just went up. My husband and I both work full time with decent salaries. We are struggling to not blow thru our little bit of savings. 5 items at the grocery store is $50 :roll_eyes:. Gas and tolls just to get to work is a lot on both of us. I don’t think you’re alone. The economy is hard right now to live comfortably in.


Going through the exact same!

I think we are all struggling right now.

I’m not a sahm… I have one kid in school and a baby at home… my mother thankful watches my baby while I’m at work… two incomes and we are struggling!

My wife and I are both making more than we ever have, and still struggle. The past 2 years,mainly. It’s ridiculous.


Yes, its definitely the economy. It’s been crazy the last couple of years.

Me and my husband work opposite he works days and i work nights both mon 2 fri so have the weekend with our bebes. This economy is stuffed and everyone is feeling the pinch :pleading_face:

We are a 3 income house hold (hubby recently got a new job thats a tad more thab the last one and i have 2 jobs) with 2 kids and feel strapped…we arent concerned paying bills, but saving? No. Larger purchases? No. Feeling it here😭 the new job has my hubby working out of office for the first time in 3 years and that makes me on pick up/drop off duty too we we cant afford childcare this year either.feels like we are barely breathing😭

The economy is getting bad, and I totally feel you. Door dash, shipt, and many fast food places are super flexible when you need the money! It might not make a huge huge difference but the way things are looking, anything helps even if it’s small

Yesss I feel you on this 2 years ago was in the best place but finding it hard right now! Want to find something but don’t know where to start

I’m a sub or mothers morning out worker ( youngest goes to work with me)for the mothers morning out.

I’ve done this for extra income since 2013 to help off set bills when needed. I’m at work while my kids are in school and home when they are out, summers and holidays all school vacations off as well

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Economy is bad. We were doing great, felt like stable middle class for a whole year, half of which was only my husbands income. Now I have a PT job (28hrs/wk) and am looking to get a 2nd because I have to work around school and husbands job

I’m working 2 jobs. 70-80hours a week and I’m still struggling. :weary:

So sorry to hear about your struggles. So hard for so many folks. Is work from home or babysitting an option?

this is almost everyone’s story rn


You are not alone! Both my husband and I work and have always had a comfortable living with enough money for extras and we are struggling!


The economy is just that bad. I was a sahm for almost 7 years and just recently went back to work. Our youngest is disabled, and finding child care for her is straight up impossible, so I waitress evenings and weekends. My husband installs epoxy floors and works really long hours, so sometimes my Dad has to come and watch the kids for a few hours until he gets home, but that’s really hard on my Dad, bc our youngest is full care. Not to mention I pretty much don’t see my husband anymore, we rarely get to spend quality time together. The whole situation sucks and we’re better off then most.

Try a daycare that picks up from your kids school and then you can take the little with you most give a discount

We were doing fine on my husband’s income while I was going to school plus we ate out a lot and got Starbucks almost everyday. Now I’m working full time too, plus my husband got a raise, we quit eating out, and we quit going to Starbucks and we’re struggling. It’s not just you, almost everyone is struggling.

Prayers for your family AMENE

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Check out the daycares a lot of them offer free child care while you work :blush:

I got to be a stay at home mom for 4.5 yrs. Been back to work now for 7. We lived very well on what my husband made back then. Now the tables have turned and he stays home. (Car wreck broke his back.) I make just as much as he did back then… $40k plus a year. I work 2 jobs. 60+ hrs a week. And we live paycheck to paycheck. Was out for a week due to COVID. Many car repairs due to me hitting a deer. Husband in the hospital. The bills are paid but there isn’t any money for anything else. When we both worked we worked opposite shifts. And would meet at work to trade off with the kids. I work graveyard at one job and days the other now. You do what ya got to do. Welcome to survival mode. Get rid of Internet and cable. No going out to eat. If it wasn’t for credit cards my kids wouldn’t have anything for school. And Christmas is looking pretty thin. But we always make it.

My husband and I Always did opposite shifts he worked days I worked usually 4 to 10 or midnight. Then we usually only had to find a sitter for a few hrs till he got home. It sucked but we pulled thru.

It’s everyone! Even with 2 incomes, and used to being comfortable with bills, and still have some money to save and some to splurge, now, trying to even get groceries for under 200/week(family if 6) is impossible…

Too bad we didn’t have a president that actually cared about the working families and how much everyone is struggling.


I’m not a SAHM but my husband is a SAHD and we have my income which is decent but we still struggle some months with our regular bills and now medical bills coming in

Nope it’s everywhere . My hubby makes good money , everything we own is paid off . But between insurance food utilities we’re barely surviving . This is why people should get out an vote !!!


We have two almost three incomes and YES we are struggling. Gas has gone up again, groceries etc…it’s getting tough

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When we were struggling, I started cleaning houses. I went in after kids got on school busses and made it home before they off the busses. Hardly ever put in an 8 hour day outside of home but made enough money to help our family be more comfortable. Also only took on jobs during the summer months where I could take kids with me.


daycare for the little and pay someone to pick and drop the kids off or find a job that starts by 9 so you have time to drive them in before work

We are in the exact same situation. My husband makes $25 an hour & we live paycheck to paycheck pretty much, we have never struggled this much! & me looking for a job is impossible because every job I’ve looked at doesn’t match with my kids schedules & we can’t afford to hire anyone to help. It sucks so bad!


Cheaper for you to stay home.

Yes been a sahm for 10 years , we struggle and live payday to payday and sometimes not even that far.
We also lost a car during covid that now is taking 25% of my husband check , so that has hit us really hard on top of prices going up!

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I’m a SAHM now and I think the only time we’ve really struggled is during holiday time within the last few years. Everything has gone up. Gas eletric groceries and then of course kids clothing shoes school expenses. Believe me you are not alone. I think honestly even people with 2 incomes are struggling as well.


I was a SAHM for almost 10 years. When I went back to work I took a position in the school kitchen. It doesn’t pay a lot but every little bit helps and I am off all of the days my kids are.


girl the struggle is real right now, even for the middle class.

The economy is horrible, I think we were all used to things going up a few cents 3 to 4 years ago, now things are going up 2 to 4 dollars, it’s unbelievable! I used to make a list and put the amount it cost by it, add it up and my husband would give me the $$, I now have to go to the Walmart app and look up how much everything is because I was so far off I’d have to skip half my list!!


The economy has gotten that bad. I was able to afford all my bills on my own comfortably 2 years ago. Now I struggle to pay everything on time. The cost of everything has gone up.


I was a stay at home Mom for 13 years. I worked one year at the beginning of the pandemic, and then had my 5th baby. I have been off for 2 years with her. We were struggling to keep ourselves afloat so I went back to work part time, which is 2 days a week, as a school nurse. I miss being home with my baby, but we need the extra income. When my older 4 were small, we made it with no problems, even when we my husband got laid off, and we had 3 in diapers. We always had more than enough. Now it’s like payday to payday and praying you make it to the next one before you are totally broke again. I just started working in August, so I have only had 1 payday, for 2 days, but it helped. With 3 teens and a preteen, just groceries is outrageous!

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You’re not alone. Had to get a job because of this and my man makes 100k+…

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Yes, it’s bad. We were comfortable about a year ago and now we’re starting to struggle. We’re both working.

It’s definitely not just you mama. SAHM here for over 10 years and founder of The Diaries of a SAHM where I get tons of messages just like you! Everyone right now is struggling. Our biggest expense right now is groceries so I meal plan and make as much homemade as possible (such as bread and sweets).

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Struggling so bad it’s depressing!

My husband makes almost 6 figures, the most he’s ever made in his life. 4 kids. We are paycheck to paycheck. I’m happy we can still afford things honestly. Idk how other people are doing it on less. We can’t afford childcare bc we have one kid with special needs so it would be way more expensive. Then when everyone is in school I could maybe work part time but that’s still a few years off. I’m stressed.


We are in a worse position than folks were in the great depression so it’s definitely not just you.

I think we’re all just really used to growing up with a decent economy and unfortunately those days are gone.

I think about the stories I hear about the things our folks did to survive the great depression and like, I know personally that I’ve never had to resort to those measures. So it never did occur to me that the point we’re at is THAT BAD, but I’ve seen the numbers and side by side… It’s actually worse today😔

I know I do some policy and advocacy work, very little but I’ve just gotten involved in the last year, so at least I’m starting. I would suggest that everyone find key points that you support and begin finding ways to support and/or assist those efforts💯 Without some REAL policy changes, unfortunately capitalism is going to crush us all. And we’ve been watching and waiting for it to improve all of our lives… If anything, they are getting more and more greedy😒

We are being forced into living in low income despite “working hard and being dedicated” like we’re told to do if we want things, and it’s all so that less than 10 people can hoard 99% of the world’s wealth… They have more money than they could spend in 10 lifetimes, yet they continue to squeeze every drop from us🙃

It’s wild ya’ll, and we are only just starting… It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better🤷‍♀️


I’m working just for the gas to get there and someone else getting to be with my kids more than me…it SUCKS

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Please, all of you remember this thread, and all of your fellow citizens commenting here, when you head to the ballot box in 2024.

Right here is why you need to vote Republican.


Yes, the economy is that bad. Inflation is killing us.

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Everyone is struggling to make ends meet. Everything is so expensive and what used to be $100 is worth like $10 I swear! I fear it will only get worse as the year goes by. 4 years ago we were making it. Now we are in so much credit debt it’s not even funny. I don’t know how else anyone is surviving in this crappy economy. I will be going back to work and I luckily found a good babysitter that isn’t charging to much. Good luck out there ladies!


Your not alone! I’ve been a stay at mom since my son was born (11 years now) and we are struggling! I have a special need daughter and when we do the math even if I did go back to work we would still be paying out more than what I would make

Yes. it’s absolutely fucked!

My Husband makes decent money (2-4 grand/week depending on the season) and that used to be alot of money to me. Coming from making less than $200/week for most of my life … But anyway we never had any money troubles. Ever. We could buy whatever we wanted with cash and kids had all they needed. But we have 4 kids. And they are expensive. But we still never had to stress literally at all about money. It was never a concern. But the last 2 years things have changed. He still works the same job and makes the same money. But things are tight. Food prices are out of control. Earing out is through the roof. Take out is even worse. Our electric bill has been $500/month for a year and we don’t even have much. Not all the electronics or security stuff. It’s crazy. It’s like the amount of money he makes now is just getting us by and we can save a little But boy like we used to. and when Christmas comes its crazy. Birthdays for 4 kids forget it. Backnto school shopping I just spent $800 and that was only for 3 of the kids. And I didn’t even get their shoes or jeans yet!!! I mean it makes no frigging sense. Groceries are so high. I almost don’t even know what to do anymore. Everytime I get gas I think there goes 40 bucks and that’s only half a tank lol. We can’t even afford to buy all the stuff we buy lately and it’s nothing even extravagant or crazy I never do my hair or nails. I don’t myself clothes. We don’t go out. We don’t have new cars.we don’t have expensive phones. His phone cost 60 bucks. I mean we don’t buy anything crazy. We don’t even own a house. So it doesn’t make sense. EVERYTHING that’s needed to raise a family is SO EXPENSIVE right now. Idk what to do besides get a job myself now that all the kids are in school but yeah the problem with that is the places I’ve tried all want me to work 3pm-11pm. And my kids are at school from 7am-4pm and my Husband’s at work from 5am-5pm. They go to bed at 8-9pm so I only see them now for a couple hours a day. Working the evening shift I would NEVER see my family and my husband doesn’t want to be the one making dinner and doing hw and taking kids to practices and games and stuff alone while I’m out working some shitty min wage job. It’s hard. I get it. We are all struggling. What used to be good money isn’t anymore. That’s for sure.

I started substitute teaching to help with things. Works around the kids schedule, and I don’t have to work every day. So no need to take off for appointments, sickness, field trips, etc. This will especially be beneficial if you have a grandparent willing to watch any at home kids for little or no cost. I didn’t start until our youngest was in kindergarten though. Before that I worked at a mother’s day out where they went free since i worked there. It wasn’t a ton and neither is subbing. But something is better than nothing.


5 kids ages 5-27. I work part time. Husband and I do opposite work hours. One of us is always home to do whatever is needed. Husband does as much in the house as I do. Well not as much but whatevs is needed when I’m absent. We never need a sitter this way and been married almost 30 years because we have space away from each other


Even houses with two solid incomes are struggling now days the cost of living is a sh!t show…sahm of 4 kids so lucky their dads a shearer otherwise I don’t know how we’d survive but they don’t see him the majority of the year because he travels and follows the work…

I am a single mom of 7. I’ve always worked full time and could manage to pay my bills. This year has been the hardest year of my life. I feel so defeated right now. My rent has increased from $1100 to $1800, groceries and gas have gone up. I feel like I’m drowning


I’m a single mom of 3 (12, 8, and 5) and I make what used to be a good income ($17 an hour, no child support). I’m definitely struggling and now I’m doing a side hustle just to make ends meet plus food. Unfortunately, inflation is terrible and prices are probably not gonna go back down anytime soon.


It’s getting pretty bad out there right now. $100 in groceries isn’t the same today as it was 9 months ago. Fuel is higher than it’s ever been. It’s just insane.

Look into getting a job in a school! Lunch lady recess monitor ect I was a stay home mom for 6 years and was able to go back to work in a school so I was still able to pick up/drop off kids. Plus have their fall/winter/summer breaks off as well.
But no I think we are alllll struggling with this inflation :confused:


Just have to be as savvy as you can on Single income. Packed lunches for kids on days out instead of buying food and drinks out. Bulk buys where possible. Unplugging extra appliances to save elec. Cost of living currently sucks! Being frugal is really a necessity.

How could you really not know been to the grocery store lately???

I’ve been a sahm for 9 years now. It’s a struggle. I enjoy being home with our littlest but the older two are in school. I’m fighting with disability right now but they say I haven’t worked enough before my surgery (I had reconstructive surgery 3 yrs ago that failed) I wish I could find a remote job to make something. We don’t ever see me going back to work. It’s lonely. And stressful.

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me! i have to go back to work full time but luckily i have help from my mom with my kids. if not we would be absolutely screwed

Everyone is struggling. Grocery’s are higher. Gas is high. Economy is outrageous. Could u baby sit for more income. U would be home still. Just a suggestion

Omg YES. My husband makes really good money and it doesn’t feel like it. We are struggling SO bad. Half his company is laid off so we’re lucky he still has work but shit. Times are tough.

Shop at aldis, meal prep on sundays, make home made snacks, add drink mix to big dispensers instead of buying juice, soda or seltzers. I’m about to start selling stuff online again. Ridiculous.

So there are two reasons why your income is struggling. The first is because of inflation over the last 9 months and the other is because when you make more money it puts you into a higher tax bracket and more taxes will be taken from his paychecks.

Gas and food are killing our income. Not to mention having crappy health insurance. It seems like we are always owing some medical bill.

Girl the whole damn country is in this mess too. I promise you not alone. We making the most we ever have and still struggling :smiling_face_with_tear: sending you good vibes tho it will get better eventually!!

Can you run errands for people such as grocery shopping or do in home chores a couple hours a day for a small fee? Take people to doctor appointments or Uber for a few hours a day? Also yoy might try to do a yard sale soon I’d you still trying to downsize extra or unused items

Bidenomics is amazing! Economy is booming! Everything is affordable :crazy_face:


Get out and vote get that idiot out of office.


It’s definitely the country right now, it’s gone to hell and it’s crazy ridiculous the amount of just basic expenses you need to live. It’s awful! Not what America was or should be!

It’s fucking stupid. Idk how they expect people to live.

Lmao is economy that bad? Are you serious? It’s extremely bad. It’s been bad.


The economy is Biden economics. The inflation is caused by all the free COVID money that they gave out. Couple that with $15 and $20 dollar minimum wage and destruction of our oil independence and that’s why a $1.29 loaf of bread now costs almost five dollars. Backed you into the corner and you used those low interest credit cards that now have escalating interest rates. Wake up! I guess you will when we hit a recession which is almost guaranteed. Then you will have no jobs, no money. Remember how much fun the Obama years recession was? That 300,000 dollar house was worth 50 grand.


Inflation is up 140% we are all struggling. I’m a single mom and the struggle is real.


SAHM her and yes the economy is that bad. We’ve always been able to buy and do what we wanted without too much thought… within reason…but now I find myself looking at the price of everything and making the decision to buy or put it back. We are still blessed but I don’t know how some people are surviving this. Pray for each other…we are all going to need it💞

I’m also a sahm. I have been for my older kiddos and now my 3yr old. And I felt this post so much :weary::pensive: Actually quite sad now a days, feel like we can’t win.

I am older - been retired for 21 years and on a fixed income. I am on dialysis and my diet is primarily meat/fish/fowl and eggs (protein). You can see how my food budget has doubled! Inflation is hurting all Americans!

Yes it’s very bad, making the most we’ve ever made, and we are the most broke we have ever been.

I’m a shame and work from home and I start after the kids are on the bus and when they get home I’m off or they have to wait a few minutes for me to finish. It’s a struggle bc on my breaks I can clean and sometimes there’s no motivation.

I’m a single mom and I’m looking at having to get a 2nd job just to keep food on the table.

We can all thank our Canadian Government for the mess they have made.

Same!!! It’s ridiculous :sob:

It’s the economy. This is what they planned they don’t want us to be comfortable


The economy is getting bad☹️

Same, it really is bad right now.

All middle class is struggling rite now. Our leadership is terrible.