Any mamas take cymbalta?

Any moms on cymbalta? I was taken off of it when I found out i was pregnant due to miss leading by doctors on said it was fine but family dr said no it could harm baby so I decided to take a break from it it hasn’t been the easiest I would like I get back on once baby is born but unsure if I can with breastfeeding?!

I stopped using Cymbalta as it was very unforgiving if you forget to take it at all. Even 1 missed dose would send me into a massive spiral. Have since switched to sertraline.

Cymbalta is the only thing to be helping me I’ve been on so many of medicine to help me and this one seems to help me the most

There isn’t a lot of research but I was told it could be fine to take. It’s all about weighing the risks.
I did take Lexapro after delivery and while breastfeeding but didn’t start Cymbalta back until after I was done breastfeeding

I was taken off Cymbalta when I got pregnant and nobody could pay me enough to go back on it. Worst experience, ever. I’d personally ask for something else. Zoloft & Paxil seem to be the safest for BFing.