Anxiety about child birth

So i seem to have a fear of dying in childbirth. I had this anxiety with my son. I cried to the nurse while i was in labor with him. And as he came out he tore me. Blood was everywhere. And i didnt feel a thing because i still had the epidural. But while they were stitching me up they were asking me if i was allergic to some drug and they seemed concerned. So as that was happening i turn to the nurse who i cried to and asked if i was ok.

So fast forward to my current pregnancy. My son is a toddler and im due soon. I recently today thought of my fear again. Ive been having anxiety all day about it. And its worse because all i can picture is leaving behind my family. And the fact that my son needs his mom. Please i cant be the only one that has this anxiety??


I definitely had it with my son. I had quite a few pregnancy complications and he was big. Like induced a week early big. I was terrified I was going to die in childbirth and leave behind my daughter. So much so that I cried all the way to the hospital.

I definitely had serious anxiety about my recent birth after my first birth experience was very traumatic…so bad anxiety I couldn’t eat for days prior to my scheduled c-section

You’re not alone. I have 2 boys and a girl. 5, 3 & 2 years old. And I’m due in 5 weeks. The thought of leaving them behind makes me so sick… I haven’t even packed my self a hospital bag because I have it put in my head something is going to happen… praying for you momma! It’s tough feeling this way :pensive::sob::heart:

I had this same anxiety! You are NOT alone. Everything will be fine :heart:.

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A lot of women have anxiety when there pregnant everything will be ok try and think of something that makes you happy

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The entire time I was getting induced I was like almost certain I was gonna die . I didn’t even have complications, my anxiety was just horrible

I had this fear. I developed a dvt with my first and I have a blood disorder so I was at risk to hemmorage. I did a little and my placenta was stuck so after giving birth I was not so great. Second time around I was scared but I knew I could do it. I had him, hemmoraged worse and was also having heart issues. In the end, I’m fine, my kids are fine, and I realized that while my fear was valid, as long as you have diligent doctors and people around you, you will probably be fine:)

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I heard a voice saying"I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, don’t be afraid" I offer this to youl


Most doctors are pretty amazing nowadays.
I’m not sure but I would guess you would have a higher chance of dying in a car accident, and you probably get in one of those everyday.

No I had it with both. I even told the Dr to make sure they got all the after birth out.

Oh I had fear too, I hard a hard time to I had no drugs with my first two babies. It was really hard, I had one more with epidural I glad I had my third baby. I learned I can do hard things! So can you!

I had it so so much worse with my second son than my first. And it ended up being a harder pregnancy and I delivered a month early due to preeclampsia :persevere:

But near the end I would have terrible dreams every night, vivid awful dreams I would wake up crying from. I felt absolute panic in the hospital, talk to your ob and eventually the nursing staff and be open about your anxiety- they’ll understand and if it gets too bad they can offer other things to help.

Ps despite months of awful fear and then preeclampsia we’re both fine now :wink::heartpulse:

pray to Jesus for comfort.


After being in labor for 47 hours and them denying me of an emergency csection because i was “still functional” and my son was “totally fine” left me in fear of them killing me. I kept telling my husband i dont think im going to make it but ill be damned those contractions, that god awful balloon induction method and not feeling my son moving I knew I had to do whatever it takes to see him. He came out after 2 hours of pushing with the chord double wrapped around his neck and me being unable to move my legs for 2 days after birth due to a bad reaction with my epidural. I took me for a good couple of months after his birth to stop feeling the fear of my son and i dying.

I had the same with my 3rd and 4th. It’s so awful to feel like that. I think all parents do at one stage or another. Mine was so bad the last time, that i fear ever having another, which the mr wants too. The best thing you can do. Is go to the doctors, get a check up, just explain that you just feel the need to make sure all is okay with you and baby. Female doctors are more understanding usually. It will help reassure you. The anxiety probably won’t go completely till after your baby is born. But you will be ok. I got split with each of mine. If it’s a big split, then they have to ask to be on the safe side. With some blood types like mine, you’re more at risk of hemmoraging. So they just have too as a precaution. If the anxiety gets way too much. Then the doctors can prescribe mild anxiety tablets which are safe for your baby and then go over it afterwards to see of yiu still nedd or have to have stronger ones x

You’re so not alone! I literally kept thinking that I’d go to the hospital and never leave it alive, leaving behind my 3 other children. The unknown is scary, normal anxiety to have hun. My baby is 6 weeks old now. My kids only missed me for 2 days and all is well. You got this.

I totally had this. Especially since I had eclampsia with my second. My best advice is just breath mama remember that for you child birth is a rare occasion but for your nurses and doctor its every day. If you have the same ob they know you had a bleeding problem last time and they will probably give you meds to help with that this time. If it makes you feel better or you have a different ob remind them that bleeding was a problem last time. Also you may feel like bleeding was a lot, but you were probably okay. With my eclampsia I had to be on magnesium which stops your uterus from contracting as hard which is how you stop bleeding. I had three different meds on board to help stop the bleeding and they stopped magnesium for the delivery, but before I knew it after baby and afterbirth were out my doctor was shoving towels elbow deep in my whosit. It sounds scary but with an epidural I couldn’t feel anything and honestly it saved me from needing a blood transfusion. After that extra deep uterine massage I was fine.

I almost lost my life during delivery. Be assured we have great healthcare . All will be fine. Practice your breathing to ease the process. I had placenta acreta. Baby lived. I lived. Life is good.

It never bothered me. I think child birth is a natural wonder and I was proud to have my babies.

I had that fear with all 3 of my pregnancies

My son is 12 and I still have it. I don’t think it goes away.