Am i wrong for trying.?

Hello beautiful family,

I have a son who has adhd he got diagnosed monday but my oldest daughter got diagnosed 2 years ago as well she 9 so now i have a 9 and 6 year old with adhd but this isnt about them i need some advice for my step son and seeing if we should get him tested he cant ever stay still when watching a movie or talking he has to be moving side to side and he asks about a million questions about a movie so one day i though hmu let me put on this movie and right down all his questiones that he asks dad well he asked about 80 questions with in that 1 hr movie.
Also he bites his nails alot he talks super fast he also rights some letters back words and as well he does his numbers he says its just easier that way but dad has told him nicely that it may be easier but its not the correct way his teavher said she sees him staying still.i asked his teacher about his homework hes been lying to not just me but every one about him not having to do it and he doesnt like doing his read and respond either he is very smart im not going to lie but they did say he has droped on his reading. Hes been caught getting money from other students he will also tell me his friend just randomly gave him $20 dollars hes been switching gaming cards at school and thats by me and the teacher after dad has told him to stop or he will get his favorite things taken mother inlaw basically raised him yet ive been in his lif since he was 5 months. Every time i tell her about all this she just laughs and says that his dad was the same way and to leave him alone yet he lives in my home he has ran all over my husband telling him when and what days he will stay with grandma some times he doesnt even come back from school because she says he needs to stay there i told her he needs to get tested for adhd and my husband told her for dyslexia as well. My question is are we wrong for this.
Am i passing a boundary