Am I wrong for not feeling a connection with my unborn baby?

I’m about a week away from delivering my 3rd baby. Is is wrong that I just don’t have a connection with him. I just feel like such a bad parent for having this feeling.


I was like that with my last one. Turns out that her and I bonded right away, she’s almost 8 and we are still pretty much joined at the hip. I still can’t figure out why I felt that way, I’m sure glad it came to an end. Just know you are not alone and that your feelings matter

Completely normal! With my first child, my son, I felt this strong connection and would have dreams about what he would look like. But when I was pregnant with my second and found out I was having a girl, I was disappoint. I pictured always being a boy mom. I found it hard to form any connection. But the moment she was born that all changed :heartpulse:

No. Make sure you have some bonding time with him and have the help you need for post partum. Congratulations!
If you feel like you’re struggling after you have him, do not be afraid to reach out for help.

I think it’s normal…I didn’t feel much of a connection with my son until he was born and in my arms. He is my first and it honestly didn’t feel real. I had a tough pregnancy so I didn’t enjoy a lit of things because I never felt right. Now he’s everything to me! If you are afraid though speak to someone about your concerns.

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I had my 3rd baby 4 months ago and I felt exactly the same until she was born then I was so in love. My first child I fell in love with straight away my second child I suffered really bad pnd and I couldn’t bond with him for months now we are closer then even and my 3rd I just fell in love straight away again
All of your feelings are normal and valid it will get better xoxoxoxo

I had that feeling with my 2nd. But the moment they placed her in my arms things quickly changed. It may not be the case for you and that’s okay. Seeking help is okay. Idk if PPD can affect a mother before she has the baby or not, but it might be worth looking into.

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Talk with your doctor. It’s not that you’re wrong but what you’re feeling may be signs of something bigger going on that you don’t see (postpartum) it will be ok, but please confide in your doctor. :two_hearts:


I felt that way for my 4th. But after I had her and bonded with her I felt the connection. It’s more common than you think, it doesn’t say anything about you. Pregnancy is hard on women in every way possible, just wait till you get to see and hold the baby things might change, or it might take a little longer. But I know it will come sooner or later and that’s okay.

No it’s not. With my third and fourth I kind of felt this way. I knew I loved them beyond belief, but I felt like I had to get to know them. Of course that feeling went away pretty quickly once I got to know my sweet babies.

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Completely normal!! Some people don’t develop a connection with their babies until weeks after they are born. There is no right or wrong answer. Some parents don’t develop a connection with their child at all, but they still love and care for them. Don’t worry, or stress about forming a connection, it will eventually come :blush:

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PLEASE don’t listen to these moms who act like they know everything telling it isn’t normal!! It’s extremely normal what you are feeling and it’s okay. But if it continues and you are feeling completely detached from your baby after you have them, please seek advice from your doctor it could be postpartum depression Hun. It will all be okay. :heart:


Pretty normal honestly. Sometimes it can take a few months after the birth to feel like it’s your baby and for that realization to hit. I’m sorry you’re feeling it but I promise it’ll come. :heart:


We can’t tell you what is wrong with your feelings. At least I can’t.

Oh, momma, you are not alone. Your body is going through soooo much, your hormones are out of wack and you just did something amazing, but not anyless traumatizing!!! It is completely okay, sometimes it takes mommas a little longer to get that connection between baby and mom. Just keeo at it. Talk to your dr. Talk with family, friends, just dont keep it in. You need all the help you can with a new one and all the others you have. You got this! Just dont be afraid to ask for help. And letting your dr know. Thats important! Sending all my love, and all the good vibes to you and new baby!!! :heart::heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Yes. Talk to your provider.

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Your feelings,are very valid.Are you stressed out?I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way

Your hormones are regulating. You can support them by taking a bioavailable source of nutrition such as beef liver capsules. Most vitamins they sell in stores are not easily absorbed. (D, folic acid, b12)

No it’s not wrong to feel like that before bubs arrives
But once bubs is in your arms
That will very quickly change
And you will feel that connection

No. I totally felt I was possessed by aliens until my babies came out.

Plus you have 2 other kids: don’t be to hard on yourself.
If you are concerned speak to the gp

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Talk with your dr. It could depression related

Not unusual after two; you’re exhausted. It’s going to be ok.


I felt this way for months before and after my pregnancy of my 4th(last child). Now me and my son (now 7yrs old) are best friends it takes time but the love for your baby will definitely come. Postpartum is real and sucks try talking to your Dr about it.

There is such thing as antepartum depression. It could effect that. Talk to your doctor

I think so…get that junk out of your head !

Please talk with your doctor :hugs:🩷

Could be early signs of postpartum. Talk with doctor

Rubbish. Wait until he is born

The bigger issue is this is a sign of post partum depression which is one of the worst feelings ever. There might be preventative measures that will help you emotionally.

Just ride the emotional waves out and you’ll get a bond in time.

Just waiting till you have the baby it will definitely change