Am I right here?

my daughters father enjoys playing video games. i don’t mind it, but when it comes to taking care of our daughter, she should come first.

anyway, he recently made me feel bad about asking him a favor. we stayed over his place and while i’m finishing our night time routine, he is playing the video game. i notice i forgot to bring a pacifier for the baby and i ordered a last minute door dash delivery to pick one up. the delivery arrives and i call him from upstairs to grab it at the door and sterilize it and bring it up. he tells me “after this game.” meanwhile, baby is crying for her pacifier. im not waiting 30mins with a crying baby while he waits for his team to all die…. so i grab the baby and walk downstairs and get it myself. i told him how i felt about what just happened and he says “well you’re not doing anything but relaxing, and this new map just came out, the circle is closing (in the game) and we already spent 40mins on this game. i can’t just die now” this bothered me… i told him he isn’t making money off of this game and that if the baby needs something, i would think he would help out.

he’s never really hands on and feels the baby doesn’t favor him. but i remind him over and over that he needs to be more present. he made me feel wrong about expressing how i felt. what are your thoughts on this situation

This why you don’t have children with men who won’t even marry you or you don’t want to marry. He knows he committed to nothing from day one so why should he help now. There is a reason there is a process for the family unit. I never understand how women do this to themselves and cry when it gets stressful cause now you have kids and no partner to help. The answer is to leave and do better next time.