Am I Being Paranoid Or Does My New Friend Want My Husband?


"Hey mamas, I need some advice. My husband is military, so I am constantly meeting new friends...I met this one girl; she was super cool. We have been hanging out for about six months now. She watches my kids; I watch hers, we spend days together as a family...we just clicked right off the bat. She even brings me coffee & helps me clean my house when I am depressed. But for some reason, I feel like she has a thing for my husband...I have caught them staring at each other a few times. I trust my husband, but I cannot shake this feeling. I mean, I have not caught them doing anything, and she gets along with him really well as well, always cracking jokes together. Am I paranoid? How can I for sure find out? Should I cut her off even though she has been nothing but a blessing to my family and me?"

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"Don't lose a good friend being paranoid and if you mention it to them they get uncomfortable and act weird towards each other in front of you there's nothing wrong with being friends but you should also trust your gut instincts and keep an eye out if you see anything else that is weird mention it to her."

"I'm sure you have had other women around your husband so if this certain one is the only one giving you this feeling, trust your gut. Talk to them both."

"Your gut instinct about someone is NEVER, EVER wrong. Listen to it. Now if this happens with every friend you've had, maybe that's not your gut instinct, but if this is the first time you've felt that way pay attention!!!"

"Personally, I wouldn't care. I trust my husband. Everyone feels attraction at some point. I trust that he would never act on it, so it doesn't bother me."

"Trust your gut. Met a girl through a mutual friend, she was cool, told me shes not the kind of girl to go after a married man. I tried to trust her, she seemed legit at first. But couldn't shake the feeling that she wanted my man. She was constantly messaging him, always wanting to come over when he was home, etc. One day my husband and I went back roading and was listening to music through his phone. Went to pick a new song and she messaged my husband about how good looking he is. Sounds petty in a way, but the feeling I had ended up to be the truth and I kicked her to the curb."

"When you catch them staring at each other call it out and see how they react and behave after it."

"Instead of wondering, just ask. They may just be friends. Either you trust your husband or you don't."

"Follow those instincts. Every time I’ve given someone the benefit of the doubt, I got burned. Trust your intuition."

"Instincts never lie sweetheart, we as women know when our spouse is cheating even without proof we still know something is up just be careful and watching."

"Sometimes your body responds to energy your mind and your heart don’t want to comprehend, listen to that feeling! That’s your intuition."

"I'm sure you are just paranoid. I was the same way at one time. My husband is super close with my best friends and I am so glad he is. He has things in common with them I don't enjoy so I can send them off skydiving. We take care of each other's kids. We hug everyone and kiss on cheeks and we say I love you. I wouldn't worry until you need to. Maybe mention it to him but choose your words wisely. Let him know you trust him but you don't know her well and something seems off. See how he feels."

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As I guy, I can tell you there might be an attraction there, but that could just be it; an attraction and nothing more. Sure you gut is telling you that this is a home wrecker, but you can’t help feelings you have and most friends will not cross that line. It takes two to break that trust, and if you trust your husband, you trust he will tell her no if she approaches. I would wait it out and keep your ears up. I have been attracted to PLENTY of my wife’s friends, but only as that…an admiration of their beauty or how cool they are as a person.