Am I being paranoid about not wanting people in my house?

Got into a huge fight with my fiancé last nite bc he invited his sister/husband to stay with us for the weekend in a couple weeks. I’m still deathly afraid of COVID and haven’t had anyone stay in the house since March or really even visit other than a quick necessary drop-by. Not even my mother has stayed with us. Am i being paranoid here or is anyone else back to usual and having a get-together at home. We’re in Texas if that helps.


Personally I see a lot of “. You can’t be in fear forever “ or “ is the family just not worth it “ I think you need to look at what makes you uncomfortable about the covid and think of it’s a logical fear or fueled by horror stories. Having worked with and having had covid I can tell you it’s kinda a norm now . Most people don’t even know they have it if they even get it and the death rate is small In comparison to things like common flu . Your not wrong for thinking safety first but maybe just consider all aspects

Take all the right precautions. My mom works in a hospital and deals with covid patients and worker on her floor. She comes home every night changes as soon as she is in the door then her clothes go into the washer. She hasn’t caught covid and neither have my dad who is high risk because of previous kidney failure and me who is pregnant and I go out and about without a mask because I can’t wear one without having a asthma attack but I social distant and sanitize anything after touching


Pretend there was no Covid, how do you really feel about spending the weekend with them? If your answer is not so much, well… If your answer is that you truly enjoy their company and they have no symptoms then… either way it needs to be talked out between the two of you. Let him know how you feel.

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We have always done normal. We take vitamins, d3, c, zinc among others but we refuse to live holed up and lose a year or more of our lives. We are old, and my hubby has some conditions that could make it bad for him but we are doing well. Can’t tell you how to live though. That has to be your choice. What would make it be ok for you to live normally again?

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hopefully you can work it out. Maybe some compromise i possible, like hand disinfecting and masks, tables outside. I work in hospitals too so there could be an argument/case for both. Best of luck- to you

I am in the same boat my spouse wants her sister an kids to come over next month and I find it unnecessary right now with Covid

Don’t listen to other people do what right for you and your health. Trust your instincts


You have every right to make the rules for your own house.

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Unfortunately our attitudes on covid are based on individual prospective because media is unreliable.


You’re not wrong at all. Just out of respect he should have spoken to u about it first especially being you are the woman of the house. I would hate to feel uncomfortable or nervous in my own home


We get together but continue to wear our mask inside.

Have them get tested before they stay over.

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Good weekend for a little You time.

You cannot live your life in fear, that’s ridiculous.

When would you be comfortable?

I’m still not comfortable. We also have a child who is at a very high risk for serious complications. We are usually super careful during flu season and I’m always nervous about family. Right now, no way.


Just spray lysol everywhere. Thats what i do, in front of my inlaws. Lol :joy: they give me the wtf look face. :woman_shrugging:t6: YOLO


Sounds like a disease with a 99. 5 survival rate is determining your family dynamic. What’s your fiance and his family worth to you? In my opinion, you’re wrong. Educate yourself, and do whats right for you.


How long do you plan to live in fear


Right now no one should be staying with you. You feel how you feel that cannot be changed you are doing what is right. My husband is a field specialist and works is hospitals all over. So far we have been okay but, it is still a fear when you have a baby. We are in NYC the spiked rates are not in our neighborhood thank god but, they are in other family’s all we can do is limit their visits.

Not paranoid at all. Many of the bad cluster cases are coming from family events. We haven’t had outside family in our home since April.

We have had family gatherings and strongly suggest that if you feel sick or your kid is sick dont come but no stay overs

I would be concerned but not because of covid. You should always be worried about opening up your home. The devil is alive and well

99.9 percent that get Covid, get over it and get on with life. For most this is a virus that runs it course and then goes away. You can’t let the fear of dying keep you from living. Wear a mask if your more comfortable, carry around sanitizer and a can of lysol. I caught Covid at my sons wedding, there was 10 of us that stayed in our sons house for 3 days, and there was only 4 of us that got it. The bride and groom and my husband and I. Some even flew on a plane and never got it. Do what you feel comfortable with.