Am I Able to Gain Custody of My Sister-in-Laws Child?

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"So my sister in law doesn’t want to step up and except all the responsibility’s of being a mom (says she feels trapped like she cant do any thing) her daughter is constantly being shuffled between her grandma’s and great grandmas she has gone through problems where she dropped baby because she was “too tired” and then a time where she layed her down for her nap still in her winter coat and every thing because she was “too tired” we have 3 kids already and would welcome her with open arms the problem is that she wont sign her rights over mind you she is a little girl constantly being around the random guys she has a new one each week that are goth creeps that have dark pasts she ends up finding out about latter around her daughter i just want to know if theres any way for me to get custody of her daughter to give her a better life other than trying to convince said sister in law that her daughter is better off in our stable home (im a stay at home mom making sure my kids get every thing they need)"

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"You might need children services involved"

"You would have to hire a lawyer and spend thousands of dollars, and prove she was unfit. It is highly unlikely"

"I’d contact child services. Then get a lawyer."

"You honestly need to talk to a lawyer to see what options you have. It’s not so cut and dry."

"You have to prove she’s unfit. So start getting your screenshots and recordings. Also check your states laws for recording other people laws."

"You can start by filing for emergency custody explaining the said circumstances since you are able to provide a stable home…My friend did that with her nephew. She’s had custody ever since going on a few yrs now and he graduates this week from HS. Her situation is very similar to yours. Unstable environment, random men her sister would have around plus more. Good Luck and I pray it works out and that lil girl can grow happy and healthy."

"Regardless who she has her kid around unless you can prove her unfit the child will stay with the Mom…"

"Try helping her first instead of trying to take her kid"

"Maybe she has Post Partum. Not to mention she’s a first time mom and I will be honest with you, I was VERY overwhelmed with my first child. I was tired ALL the time and I’m sure I made a couple mistakes. I’m sorry but maybe see how you can help instead of wanting to take her child away from her. And if you are concerned for the baby’s safety then yes, I would recommend calling children’s services. If they do want to remove the baby from her, you can be part of a safety plan or could be granted temporary custody."

"Only way is to report her for child neglect and take kinship"

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