AITA for thinking my sons teacher is overreacting about saying poopoo?

My 4 year olds teacher contacted me saying that my son says poopoo too much in school and the “inappropriate behavior” needs addressed…AITA for thinking she is overreacting? How exactly do I teach my son not to say it. He is a boy and thinks poop is funny like.,…


This is a good opportunity to teach him about respecting the rules of his teacher’s classroom. If it’s her rule for her classroom then it’s the rule for her classroom that needs the support of the parents but he can say it at home as much as he pleases. While the consensus is, yes, she could lighten up but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s made it a rule for her classroom.


I feel like we need more context. She says he is saying it too much. How much is he saying it? Is he being disruptive? I think it’s clear he doesn’t listen when he’s told to stop. Doesn’t seem like the issue is the word he’s saying. I don’t think she’s expecting you to tell him he can’t say it at all just teach him that he has to be respectful in school and he needs to listen to his teacher.


You need to set boundaries he cannot say and do what he wants it school


what? he’s 4. mine’s nine. let me know if you can figure out how to tone down extremely normal human child behavior.


I get where she is coming from though. I would try to teach him some words are bathroom words and not to be used everywhere.


At least better than what mine says when he gets mad. I can’t imagine what his teacher thinks :laughing:
Just have a talk with your son. Tell him not to interrupt class and only say it when he has a free time, recess, or amongst friends.

If she didn’t over react and kept quite he will stop.

He’s only 4, any word that tickles them is funny. Maybe make it a “special at home word” he’ll outgrow it. I raised three boys, they went thru this stage and are EXTREMELY successful at life, and have their own kids. It’ll be fine mama, give him time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Teach him at a young age that some things or words are not appropriate in some places


He’s probably distracting the class if he’s saying it to gets laughs. Too many throwing out the excuse that he’s a 4 yr old boy so it’s not a big deal. Tell him there’s a time and a place for the word and during school isn’t ok. Let him know that if he does he will face some sort of consequences and follow through.


Yes it is unnecessary to say at all.

You teach him it’s not appropriate to say at school. Simple as that.

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My daughter actually learned to say poopoo and peepee from her teacher. It’s direct and understandable to young children

How ridicules he is 4 years old He thinks it’s funny with all the fuss LOL

Farts and poopoo are always funny to a child, but you can teach them to not speak about it while in school. It’ll take awhile for them to understand but eventually they will.

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Omg id literally make fun of her lol

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My son says ball sacks. And he thinks it’s the funniest thing on earth. They learn it from older siblings usually but in this case I think it’s the age they find stuff like this funny. When they do it in situations like this ignoring goes a long way.


Honestly 4 year old is a great time to start teaching them that different people in his life will have different expectations. It’s likely is was disruptive bringing shock value and giggles to everyone else. Tell your child that he needs to abide by the rules at school and that’s not a place for those words. Wether he listens or corrects immediately, supporting what his teacher is asking (especially if it’s reasonable) is only going to make him a more successful listener and better behaved. Teaching him he has the option to chose when to listen to the teacher is going to set him up for failure long term. Choose your battles.


The more of a big deal they make of it, the more the kids will get a kick out of saying it

Little kids love “gross” words- she needs to lighten up

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She probably considers it inappropriate because it likely disrupts the class. There is a time and a place for everything and you should try to reinforce good behavior regardless.
He’s probably just doing it because it makes others in class but at 4 he is old enough for you to be able to explain public behavior vs home behavior.


Just try to teach him that it’s a “not nice” word.
Kinda like “crap” and “stupid”.
They aren’t cuss words, but they are words we don’t want to use because they are “not nice” words. :+1:

Poop is funny to 4 year old boys our boys at that age and older thought it was funny to say fart breath we had to tell them you can’t say that to other people or when your not at home it’s not nice and then just work on it. We had 4 boys in 4 years so they fed off each other with things.

Don’t encourage it at home and he will use it less at school.


My 4 year old grandson says poopy head. I’m not sure where it came from. His other grandparents have cows, he started with poopy head cow. I’m sure he he’s heard it. I’m reading into autism because I feel like he may have some. He was born at 27 weeks and had necrotizing entercolitis.

If this ain’t my three year old son… We were at a Birthday Party and I was trying to get a group picture of all the kids and the oldest kid screamed, “Y’all say chicken nuggets and smile!” So my three year old screams… “Chicken nuggets… With poo poo!” The whole group of kids died laughing and it was their real smile in the picture from laughing at him. :rofl: :joy: Boys will be boys.


There is a time a place to say or talk about poo poo. In the classroom is not that. Just let him know it’s not something to discuss at school unless he’s had an accident


This is part of parenting. You need to teach what is appropriate. Stop it while he is young as you can’t fix it once he is older


Wow. So many comments…simple you… I have a nephew that is in high school and is autistic. He has been degraded and made fun of by peers and teachers for things he cannot control. This does not sound like a simple this is how is should be situation. I don’t even know. Maybe there is more information needed or more to learn.

I’m sure he, like most 4-year-olds find poop to be hilarious. That in itself is not really a problem. It is what it is and frankly, poop (and farts) is hilarious. :woman_shrugging: The problem is that there’s a limit and to maintain control in a classroom and make sure learning is happening, the limit has to be learned. It may be that every other word he says, or every answer to a question is, “poo-poo”. Also, it’s not classroom appropriate to say in excess (really at all but let’s be realistic). I know it doesn’t feel like a big deal, but it really needs to be under control in the classroom. Now, when they’re at recess, I hope they’re a little more loose about them saying it. I always felt that recess really is the time to let them cut loose (within reason). Like, it’s ok to say outside but I can’t say the same for your classroom. Bottom line, please help the teacher out and help your son learn about what’s appropriate and what’s not in certain places.

Teach your kid that it’s a bathroom word. If he isn’t saying he needs to then it shouldn’t be a regular word. 4 is old enough to distinguish appropriate and inappropriate words.

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You teach him it’s not appropriate to say at school. Simple as that. You can allow it at home but it shouldn’t be allowed in school.


My 3 year old says poop a lot! She thinks it’s funny but recently when someone said the word she said don’t say a potty word! So I’m guessing it gets used a lot at daycare and she is learning that it’s a potty word related to using the toilet. There is a time and a place for everything and I agree with the teacher, they should be learning acceptable behavior at school and if they’re not then you should be questioning the teacher why they aren’t doing their job and just letting kids distract the class. Distractions take away from every single person in the room. If another kid was causing a distraction and being disruptive, the teacher did nothing and your child got behind bc of it, how would that make you feel?

It is inappropriate. Just tell him it’s not something he can say at school. He’s four, he’s learning and if he’s not taught it’s inappropriate he’ll not know.


I’m the smartass mom that would ask if she would rather he said crap or shit lol

Not TA. The teacher is rediculous.

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Oh she’s just a poopoo head😂

Shooot mine says poop shoot haha he thinks it’s all funny

I agree with the teacher and understand you the teacher calls only when it becomes a distraction in her classroom it’s a 4 yr old your right and he’s a boy but we need to teach our children there’s words we do not say at school and if it’s ok with you for him to say it at home then address this with him start teaching him what is appropriate outside the home and what is not. My sons friend is allowed to curse he’s 12 but I have talked to his mom about him not cursing at my home and I remind him when he comes around in a nice respectful way what I allow in my home at 5 yrs old my son would say oh snaps all the time till we just started letting him know what is ok and what is not okay “hey remember polite nice words only “ he caught on really fast, but it is your child so you can decide what you are OK with and what you are not OK with him saying in a classroom as long as the teacher and you are aware of it.

:woman_facepalming:t3:how hard is it for the teacher to say “that’s not a school word etc” and to move on. Ignore it. It’s not the serious. It’s normal 4yo behavior. :roll_eyes:


As a teacher, it’s absolutely inappropriate to continuously say it to gain attention. At that age, their attention span is super short. At that age, school is mainly to teach "appropriate social interaction " rather than academics. Unless he’s using that word appropriately to say he needs to use the bathroom, it’s definitely inappropriate. Your child is not the only child she is teaching. Of course we understand that as a 4 uear old, they are going to say all these things and think they’re “funny”. As a teacher, it’s absolutely exhausting having to constantly redirect inappropriate behavior in a group setting, especially when you DON’T have parent support.


I think you should support the teacher. There’s really no reason for him to be saying that numerous times throughout the day unless he has to use the bathroom. If he’s just saying it for sport or calling the other children poo poo or poo poo head then that’s inappropriate. How do you teach him nit to say it? You have a discussion and let him know that’s a word you would like him to stop saying. Each time he says it you remind him hey don’t forget we are not using that word. You have to remember there’s a whole class of four year olds and you don’t want all of them running around saying that because your son introduced them to the word. The teacher is asking for your support and I think you should support her.


How often is he saying it? If it’s all the time I guess I can see where it’s an issue but once in a while shouldn’t be a big deal. I mean he is 4. I would just try and tell him that poop isn’t something we should be saying all the time in school unless there is actual poop somewhere.

Seriously complain about a word but it’s ok to talk about gender reassignment and all that. I mean in this day and age there’s a lot more to worry about than that word. Appropriate probably not but neither is half the stuff they are teaching them.

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So my rule is that my kid can say that stuff in the house, but not at school or at the dinner table

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Ok while it’s “age appropriate” you absolutely can teach him when it’s ok to say those words. If you heard him drop the F bomb would you allow it?.


Well, teach your child it’s not appropriate at school. Because it’s not. That’s not a hard concept.


These teachers need our support to imagine if they allowed every kiddo to get away with this - behavior. The teacher prob already tried addressing before reaching out. My son was flipping - everyone at the play ground even though it’s funny and not a big deal I had to address it so he knows right from wrong :expressionless: consequences for their actions and learning respect!


My dude … How do you not know the difference between appropriate and not appropriate tho


Yeah she’s over reacting. Like sure correcting os needed but it’s needed about as much as teaching kids not to laugh at their own farts. It’s just normal annoying behaviors

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My kids are the same but say buttcheeks. Although harmless and sometimes funny, were trying to stop them from saying it because they say it way too much and especially when it’s not at home and they say it at the school/kinder or at the shops :woman_facepalming::joy:

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How do you know if she’s over reacting if you’re not in the classroom with her?


All these moms continuing the cycle of “boys will be boys” excuse. :roll_eyes:Smh.


Uumm no,she is trying to get help with manners and appreciate words an behaviors that are allowed at different places,just correct an redirect him,he says mom I need to poop,reply aw u mean I need to go #2 because we need to use the nice word for it know because some words are not appropriate to use

Pick your battles, the teacher should really ignore it and he probably won’t do it so much. I’m sure when my daughter was a 4yr old she said far worse :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I mean I’m a 33 y.o. girl and I still thank fart jokes are funny :rofl: but I’m not a mom or a teacher soooo
It might be a good opportunity to teach him there’s a time and place for jokes. Tell him at recess it’s okay to tell jokes but in class try not to tell jokes… idk just my 2 cents

He’s 4! Most certainly over reacting. And it’s likely that the more everyone makes a fuss, the more he’s going to say it lol


Poop isn’t funny though…? Like if taught appropriately this wouldn’t be an issue. Four is old enough to teach a place and time.

Mt sons a massiv3 attentions seeker and would do the same hws in year 2 and still struggling with following the rules. Wish I never tolerated rude words from the start now lol.

She wouldn’t like me very much

Dear Lord, he is a 4 year old boy. Yes its distracting to have 15 toddlers changing poo poo but I think this is a bit excessive


I am looking at these comments all I can say is wow though it’s not OK to say it he could being saying worst words, he is 4 not a little adult teacher needs to find ways to help him say a different word if it offends her so much, but making such a big thing of a 4 year old saying poopo my golly gosh he is a small kid not a little adult teach him better then if it offends you but joh really give the mom a break there are way worse things in life


With all the things going wrong in this world and a teacher is petty about poopoo, teach him to say sh*t, smh!!!

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Why don’t you try this entitled mother? Teach your child to sthu in public places.

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I would do what the teacher asks before it gets worse, with slightly older boys at my work I hear way too much about burping and farting etc and when they just keep doing it and doing it over and over again then yes it def needs addressed! If I have to hear them talk about a “diarrhea sandwich” one more time I might puke myself. So I’m sure the teacher is asking for a reason!


She is over reacting. Lord, the things people are offended by these days is getting ridiculous. Hes freaking 4. Get over yourselves.

Mama, you are absolutely not in the wrong nor are you the ah. Tell her to grow up, she chose to work with toddlers and just like history and TV says KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS!!! Kids have no filters, and its not up for debate. Hes not cussing or bullying, so wtf


I have a 6 year old girl, anything brown is poop colour, I say to her I think it’s brown we get no mum poop colour

What is he supposed to say shit? It’s a bodily function.

Tell him not to. :woman_shrugging:

Boys will be boys is not an excuse.


4?! My 8 year old still does this :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::joy::joy:

Well its really not appropriate… I also cringeeee my son says poopoo. :woozy_face:


My grand son is learning to read. In the car he will randomly say p-o-o-p spells poop and laugh hysterically. He also informed me f-a-r-t spells fart. Tell him it’s not a polite word and he shouldn’t use it at school.

I am assuming most of these comments are feom the US.
Just chill out folks. Just ignore it. It will pass.

His next word fascination will.make poo poo seem like a trifle.

Please just imagine a class of 24 toddlers chanting poopoo and how you’d be less then ecstatic over it :melting_face: I feel like us parents are hard on teachers especially if you’d never worked in a class setting before. A majority of the time they aren’t going to bring something to your attention unless it’s a real problem for their classroom. But yes you’re the asshole in this situation. You can totally be okay with your son saying it and other parents are upset their children are learning/picking up on it and blaming the teacher for it.

So glad I homeschool. That teacher is over reacting for sure. It’s not like he’s going around saying “I have to take a shit.” People these days. :rofl::roll_eyes:

4 yearold kindergarden now has academic goal as well as behavior goals. My granddaugher is learning patterns in math, writting her long name, sight words
Because she knows the letters and their sounds,how to mix colors to make other colors. They don’t have time for a class clown to interrupt their learning inappropriate words. Granted boys mature slower than girls but the teacher is asking for help then he needs guidance.

What is he supposed to say?

If you don’t like it homeschool other than that respect the teachers classroom rules. And you teach your son by not letting inappropriate behavior continue just because you think it’s cute. It could distract other kids who’s parents teach them what’s appropriate and what isn’t. It’s so hard redirecting kids at that age. Unless you’re in that class to see how it negatively effects the over all flow of then yes you are the asshole for thinking she’s over reacting

That teacher is in the wrong job…Ur son is being 4 and will eventually stop.God forbid his being a child…lol

The teacher has no right to
Say he uses that word to much, it’s innapropiate to use it
And certainly does not have the right to tell you it needs to be addressed
He is a 4 yr old kid

Just to really piss her off
Teach your son
To say the word crap (an Aussie word for poo)

As a preschool teacher aide, this is more common than anything. Honestly teacher needs to chill out, anything poop related is hilarious to kids this age. It’s totally normal. My pre school kids love the story “a dinosaur pooped a planet” some kids still also call poop poopoo. It’s absolutely normal and should not be shut down as maybe that’s a way they communicate pooping. At least they are not saying shit.

Some things aren’t appropriate to say in school great time to teach that lesson :sweat_smile:

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It’s attention seeking, distracting and is inappropriate for the school setting. If you think it’s fine and funny because he’s only 4, keep him home an extra year because it’s evident he’s too young for the both of you to start school, it’s not necessary nor mandatory that he starts at that age.

If the child is disrupting the class, then he needs to be taught how to properly behave during instruction time. If he’s saying it to be funny during free play time then whatevs…he’s 4

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School and home have different expectations.

I would need more information.
Is he shouting out to the class during instruction, is he asking to go, please advise.
There’s a time and a place to be silly and also to be serious.

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If he’s disrupting the classroom with it, then it’s too much. If he’s saying “poopoo” when he’s asked a question, then it’s too much.

If he’s saying it during playtime, then the teacher needs to let it go.

I doubt the problem is the word itself rather that he’s saying it constantly at inappropriate times.
Like the teacher asks a question and he answers with poopoo as a joke which ends up distracting the rest of the class.

4 isn’t too young to have a conversation with him. Try asking when he says it and why… then talk to him about how sometimes it’s not appropriate to tell jokes.


Same as inside voice and outside voice, words you don’t use in school. Lots of things we don’t like to teach but have to, come on mom it’s only cute to you

Omgosh ,I’ve heard much worse from my four years old grandson.

It’s actually not that hard to teach your kids when and where are appropriate times to use certain words. Poopoo is a word that he shouldn’t be using during class time and even at 4 it shouldn’t be that hard to teach him that. Ytah

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It causes a disruption in class which is a big deal he will.need to be told no more poo word at school maybe it can be a at home thing before the consequences start comming.

I would hate to be a teacher these days, parents expect their little Johnny and June to get away with everything but will have zero issue acting like a Karen if it was another kid disrupting their child. Teachers are there to teach your child so they learn stuff and disrupting the entire class takes away from everyone else’s learning, you want a slow child that’s on you but the entire class and the teacher shouldn’t have to suffer bc you believe it’s okay for your child to act that way all of the time

She has probably asked him several times to not say it amd he continues, so it’s more of a not following directions at this point, i’m sure.

I agree with the teacher, he’s most likely disturbing class time and it isn’t appropriate at school

This is totally normal for kids that age but I’m assuming the teacher isn’t able to redirect him. Our school uses the term “potty words”. Now even if I ask my daughter if she has to poop she immediately says “that’s a potty word, don’t say that” :rofl:

You teach him that unless he has to poop, he doesn’t say it. It confuses the teacher.

Everyone saying to ignore it… how is a class of 4yr olds going to ignore him saying it? They likely won’t. They’ll laugh giving him the reaction he wants therfore encouraging it. This is likely why the teacher is asking mom to help correct it.

So he has a poo poo mouth. Yeah that needs to stop. :joy: