AITA for asking my friend not to bring her older kids to the birthday party?

My neighbor had a bday party for her kids and some annooying older kids came with their siblings and were playing on the bounce house…they were just so big…and while they werent really being mean I felt like we had to fear for our little kids on the bounce house…plus arent 10/12 year olds too old for bounce houses at parties? My issue is I am wanting to invite my neighbor to my kids party but i do not want her to bring her older kids so they cannot hurt mine on the bounce house…how can I let her know this? without being rude


When i got a bounce house i had 3-12 year olds, I split them into age groups and they each got 30 min intervals so littles werent getting hurt


Let them take turns? 10/12 year old are young children! Of course they love bounce houses! Just tell her I’m gonna switch kids out so the little ones don’t get hurt.


10/12 year olds are perfect for bounce houses


They’re ok but with their own age group. So you can either say oh it’s just for the little ones or you can split into different age groups. They’re for all ages….just not nec safe for all ages together.

My 10 year old loves bounce houses :person_shrugging:

Never too old to have fun and enjoy birthdays. Set age groups and let everyone have fun.

I would set a timer for each age group so everyone can enjoy it!
Never too old for a bounce house! I would be offended if you asked me to bring my younger kids but not the older ones! Our youth need us more than ever. Esp the teens! Provide a safe place for them!


I’m almost 40 and I like bouncy houses!

If you’re throwing the party, you set the rules. Set time limits for certain ages.


I mean I’m 30 and I still go ham in a bounce house lol obviously I don’t hurt the little guys but if it’s me and my big kids (11 and 12) then it’s all fair game :joy:

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You communicate! You tell her that they are invited however you will be splitting them into groups so that no one gets hurt. If she can’t understand that or feels some kind of way… then let her. Be firm and stand by your decision. Before ANYONE gets on let them know the rules so everyone is clear on your expectations.


My 10 year old loves bouncy houses. Maybe invite everyone but have older kid times and younger kid times, so protect the littles.

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We own our bouncy houses and we set one up for older kids on our biggest ones then middle age kids and had one just for babies. but i have had my own kids aged 2-17 on ours with no issues. they can handle a lot of weight and rough play if they are good quality.

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We have a trampoline, they take turns for different age groups.

Oh wow!!! If this was am I the AH that answer would be yes! 10&12 year olds are still kids.!!! And they are the perfect age for a bounce house.


And you.might tape a sign that says wait your turn or same age only to bounce together. Just for a reminder afterwards.

What me and my friends do for the bounce house, trampoline, etc we ask the kids take turns. The little ones have a few minutes, then the bigger kids have a few minutes, and so on. That way the little ones are safe, and the big kids can let loose and not have to worry about stepping on the littles.


Everyone likes bounce houses…let them have fun and be kids :face_exhaling: if you don’t want siblings or older kids there make that clear on the invite

I agree with you that if the party is for a small child then why is it ok for anyone else to come? When my kids had a party only the invited kids came and the parents left and came back when the party was over.

Just put on the invite the age limit for bouncy house.

I’m 39 and I still bounce with my kids.:roll_eyes:


I played on bounce houses when I was 14 . You just have to make sure to tell them to be careful around the little ones . Maybe take turns .

What??? I love bounce houses and I am 35 years old!! :joy:. Never too old but just let the older kids and adults go in and make separate time for toddlers and the younger kids to go in.

They’re all kids geez… be a grown woman lay down some rules for bouce house and get on with your life… its a party for KIDS to have fun. Let ALL kids have fun.


Maybe do like swimming pools and have a little kid bounce time and 15 min every hour, the little kids move and the big kids get to bounce?
Everyone can play and no one gets left out.


Maybe do a bounce house for small kids and find a activity for bigger kids to do.


My daughter won’t get on if there is older kids because they play too rough. When it’s someone else’s party I don’t say anything, but if it were her party I would definitely make sure she was comfortable getting on. It’s her party she should enjoy. Now that doesn’t mean not inviting all the kids just have them all take turns maybe?

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I would advise either taking turns or letting her know older kids are not allowed on the bounce house for x reason
It’s your kids party I’m horrible but if the birthday party kid wants to jump it shouldn’t depend on if it’s their turn


Grown adults still like bounce houses. It’s just a different version of a trampoline. Just put on the invitations not to bring siblings.Whether they jump or not the kids are still at risk for broken bones and other injuries. I’m kind of surprised you’d take on the legal risk for the other kids. Others had great ideas to set aside bigger kid jump times.

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Can you not just have separate little kid bounce time and big kid bounce time?

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I get on the bounce house at 38. Don’t invite anyone then. I feel you when bigger kids are on there with young ones it can get dangerous. But you can’t do that to a kid so don’t invite anyone if their older siblings can’t come.

if there’s older kids we always say ok kids time for the little ones to bounce and out they go. Easy as that

Im 43 and still love bounce houses so why wouldn’t 11 and 12 year olds love them too???


My eldest had a bounce house at his 18th bday party. Yes they make them for adults cause we want to have fun too. Lol. But honestly. I have 7 kids. Big and small. Have had alot of parties with all age kids in the invited families welcome. Noone ever got hurt . Just make sure the bounce house is the right size and weight capacity so it doesn’t move around more than it should.

I understand this post because my kids played with kids that age and they ended up being pushed around and hurt not everybody will understand I would just get a small bounce house and let everyone know the age limit prior


12 is pretty young… they can’t enjoy bounce houses? Lol. I still jump in one with my kids. To answer your question, I don’t think there is a way to word it without being rude. You also can have time limits on each age group so everyone has fun and a turn.

If it was a clasdmate I would say just say it. But these are neighbors that all play together and know eachother . So just separate the groups and do 15 min intervals

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Just tell them to stay off it when los are on it so they don’t get hurt by the bigger bounces

Uhhhh 50 isn’t too old for a bounce house.
They are children. Have them take turns. Sharing needs taught early.

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Just invite the child that you want to attend the party. Who goes to a bday party and brings all their kids, unless they’re family.

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Hands down if someone told me I couldn’t bring my older kids to a birthday party FOR CHILDREN then my youngest wouldn’t be going either. Actually I would cut ties with that person all together. Btw 10/12 year olds are a perfect age for a bouncy house. If you’re concerned about them knocking the littles over then either put a limit on how many can be in there at once or invest in a bounce house specifically for toddlers.


Have on invitations or tell them there is an age limit for the bounce houses. So then if they show up with older kids who are going to try to jump all over those bouncy houses with little kids in them there will be the written down rule. If they give you a hard time tell them it’s for safety, not that you should have to explain yourself. You could always have the smaller ones come out and then have some time just for older ones but I get how it’s dangerous with bigger kids at the same time as the smaller ones.


My 11 year old and my 34year old self would still like bounce houses. FYI. :joy:


Your little kids will become older. Do you really want to imagine breaking their heart when they are older, if someone else’s mom doesn’t want them to come?
Solution, have specific times for only littles to jump. And specific times only the bigger kids can jump.


Yes, YATA  I hope nobody comes to your party. Have the little kids go for 15 minutes and then have the older kids bounce for 15 minutes. They can take turns.

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Address the invite to only the child you want to invite. “please no extra siblings” on the invite.


I’m 36 and I still love bouncy houses sooo :woman_facepalming::rofl:

I hate when people assume that kids over 10 are all of a sudden mini adults. They’re still children and of course would like children’s things. Have the kids share the bounce house. Little kids at first for an hour and then big kids can go later.


How about don’t have a bounce house , if your that afraid your kids getting hurt. It’s not fair to invite people , then tell them that can’t participate in certain activities . It’s just rude if you ask me

I straight tell them who can and can’t they dont like it they don’t need to be there.

Don’t invite them,then sheesh

I’m 26 and still get in a bounce house please stfu and be glad those kids aren’t on some bs :joy::joy:

10 and 12, really? that’s bounce house age.


I don’t think the bday kid should have to share time with older kids just because they are siblings of kids who were invited I’d find something for older kids to do or talk to ur friend and put on the invite the name of kids ur wanting to invite and explain to ur friend ur just doin a bounce house for littles


Don’t invite them at all then.

That’s kinda crappy tbh. They’re still children. Heck adults still play on bounce houses… let them be kids. Just maybe set a time frame for the older kids so any littles don’t get hurt.


You sound like the type of person to refuse candy to teens who are trick-or-treating because they’re “too old to be trick-or-treating”.

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Well something is wrong cause that not fair

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There’s isn’t a way to go about that without sounding rude :rofl:

Don’t invite the neighbor at all. I’m sure she’d rather not bring any of her kids if you’re gonna be calling them annoying behind her back.


10/12 is too old for bounce houses? No one’s ever too old for a bounce house. They even rent them out for weddings!

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It’s your party invite whoever you want. I find it weird people are offended by this. I would make the invitation with the kid you want to invites name only. My kids bring home birthday party invites, I feel it would be rude to bring other kids that weren’t invited.

How about just making sure that all the kids get a turn? If you don’t want the bigger kids in there with the Littles then divide them up and make if fair. THEY ARE KIDS!!! No kid is too big and no person is too old for a bounce house!

If I got asked to leave my 2 -10yo and my 15yo home and only bring my youngest. We would not be showing up at all! And we’d likely not come to another event at that house!


Just be honest with her. The party is for little kids only so just the one is invited.


don’t invite the neighbor at all if you’re gonna exclude the other kids. They are your literally neighbors. So they can come outside and see everyone having fun expect them? You’re so harsh. I hope your kids never get excluded.


Why not just ask the kids to rotate the time in the bounce house. It’s not toooo difficult. Younger kids on the hour. Older kids on the half hour. Be an adult already.

I had a bounce house at my 13th birthday party lol

Don’t invite them at all. I would be pissed it you said not to bring my older kids.


YTA.One day your kids will be the 10/12 year old and believe me it comes fast! As long as kids are being nice then they should be allowed to jump in the bouncehouse and anyone who isn’t loses privilege.What do you think families with both older kids and younger kids do not invite siblings to birthday parties? Lol.Kids are kids and you wouldn’t like that feeling if your children were excluded in a few years.


In my opinion is very inappropriate to ask someone not to bring their older kids to a birthday party , but I understand your concern , there’s a lot of things that you can do

  1. Put a sign limit ( let them know in advance)
  2. Split the time and have more activities
  3. Rent more than 1 bouncy house , 1 for little kids and 1 for older kids

Yeah just say ou dont want the castle to bust or the little kids hurt. They shouldn’t be on it anyway.

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I wouldn’t bring any of my kids if someone behaved the way you are. Your kids will also be those older kids one day too. They are just kids. Like people said as well separate by age :roll_eyes:


You can’t, and I wouldn’t bring any of my kids if I were her.


Actually with bounce houses they say limit bounce house use to children 6 years of age and older. Not saying younger can’t use them. Cause what kid Doesn’t like a bounce house. Typical bounce houses available on the market are designed for children between six to thirteen years of age. Not sure on what your kids age. But no I wouldn’t tell a 10-13 year olds they can’t go on it. I would more likely keep 2 or younger off it Because they have no stability and your child is too small to be able to bounce properly, they are dangerous in that your child can come flying off with weighing so little.

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We just had a party with a bounce house. We had a range of kids from 20 months to 16 years old. We did not tell the older kids they could not play, we just asked them to be mindful of the little ones. I never once feared for any of their safety as the older kids helped the younger ones on and off and down the slide. I would never exclude any children, no matter the age.


10-12 is not too old or big for a bounce house. Adults usually get in with little kids. Even I like to play on bounce houses.

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Just tell her they’re too big for it. Why are people so afraid of hurting the feelings of others who don’t care if they break your property?

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Just put a note, big note, on the bouncy house - older kids and younger kids jump seperate.

I’m not even too old for a bounce house at a party.
I’m 35.


I am 28 and if I see a bounce house im getting on it😂

They aren’t too old/big. But yes, it’s hard (depending on individuals) when you have different age groups getting in at the same time.
Just do timed age groups.

I would say the bounce house is just for the little ones. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s your kids party, if you don’t want the big kids on there out of fear the smaller ones will get hurt, then you’re well within your right to say that.


Make it a group thing 0-4 go in a group 4-10 in a different group then 10+

you are rude. just say it clear as day

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Take turns. That’s what I did for my granddaughter’s birthday party.

Totally understand something similar happened with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter over the summer at a festival. The big kids just trampled the little one causing my granddaughter and another little one to get hurt. Nothing serious but still! The adults we just standing around bullshiting and not paying attention! My daughter and I were pissed! However I think to exclude them is a little rude. I would just speak to your neighbor and let her know your concern. You could also set a timer and let them jump at different times.

Dude I’m 29 almost 30, and if given the chance I’d play in the bounce house :rofl:. They’re kids, let them enjoy their time as kids

Yes 10 and 12 year old like bounce houses and adults. They have them for bigger children and adults. I agree to not let them jump when Littles are in because I have toddler and bigger grandchildren and if we have one we don’t let the big kids jump with the little ones.

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I totally get it bc I have a little one and it worries me anytime bigger kids are around that aren’t careful or play too rough. If she’s a friend you don’t want to lose, I’d make a schedule for bounce time. Younger kids at one time, older at another, so they can come and are somewhat included. And if they are still too rough during I’d let her know she has to tell them something

Well just tell her you want her younger one to come to the party and just let her know it’s for smaller kids why would some older kid wanna come to a toddler party anyway


10-12 is the PRIME bounce house age. And absolutely old enough to listen when you tell them to take turns with younger kids.


My daughter is having a Scream/Ghostface themed birthday party in a few weeks and she is turning 14. Best believe we are getting a bounce house. You’re never too old for some fun! You can split the time so no one gets hurt.


Tell her, she’ll be thankful to know where not to attend and who not to consider a friend.


I don’t think 10/12 years olds are too old for a bouncy house. But it’s your party so it’s up to you. You could always say the bouncy house is for the little kids but the older kids are welcome to come and play outside or whatever.

Always found that the big kids helped with the little ones. Guess we were always lucky. Just take little ones out. Break Have big kids have fun then just little and then both. They all need a drink break.

You put the invited kids name on the invite only.
Siblings don’t go to every party together, thays a ridiculous notion and it’s not ‘the more the merrier’ every single time. There are plenty of parties I can take my 5 and 8yo too that my 2yo twins don’t attend and vice versa.
If people get upset thats their issue :woman_shrugging:t2:


I wouldn’t allow anyone to use the bounce house unless you accept liability for injuries if they occur

Id hate to leave any kid out. Little or big. So, why not have age groups? Like 2 to 4 years old for x amount of min, than 5 to 7 yrs old than 8 to 12 yrs old?

If rough play occurs the kid has to get out. I completely understand and too many kids these days aren’t taught how to be considerate of others. Do better parents!

You’re never too old for a bounce house. :broken_heart: