Advice on going into labor?

Mama’s who had their baby’s early HELP!

I went to the E.R. Last Wednesday due to what we thought was my water breaking. They ran some tests and they’re telling me it came back positive meaning I could go into labor within the next 2 weeks. They did tell me these tests aren’t always accurate, but I want to prepare.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant almost 35. I’m also a FTM so I’m extremely nervous about going into labor early.

Was your LO okay? Did they have to have oxygen? Were you able to immediately breast feed?
I’m so nervous, please help calm my nerves! Any advice would be appreciated!


I had my son at 36 weeks. He was tiny but completely healthy! They had him on monitors for 24 hours to watch his oxygen but unhooked him after 12 hours because he was doing so good! We had to stay four days instead of the usual day or two. But now he’s four and healthy as ever

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Just breathe momma. Talk to your doctor but since you are already 34 week the baby should be fine. Stress is not good

I had my son at 33 weeks and he spent 42 days in the NICU, was discharged healthy. My niece eas born at 36 and 6 and was home two days later. :two_hearts:

You should ask the hospital about how they do immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding. I think whatever their most common practice is is what they would have you do unless you express to them what you want :blush: the hospital I had my son in was great, immediate skin to skin contact for the first couple hours and tried my first breastfeeding, THEN they took him for his first bath I want to say the next morning. (He was born at 2am)

I had my 8 year old at 35 weeks. My water broke naturally and he just came. He was 5lbs 10oz or perfection. They kept him for about 3 days just to monitor his heart and breathing but he was never even sent to the nicu. He fed off of a feeding tube for about 24hours and that’s it. Wasn’t even jaundice. Good luck to you and baby!

I was only early by a week with my son who stopped growing somewhere around 35 weeks (i assume because he weighed about an oz kore than the ultrasound at 35 weeks said) he came out 5lbs 12oz and was tiny…wouldnt latch wouldn’t even take a dropper and lost enough weight that we had to stay for nearly 4 days until he started eating and gained enough back. He didn’t eat for the a day and a half. But he gained weight pretty fast after that and now he’s a really big 3 year old and perfectly healthy. People think he’s 5 or 6 until he starts to talk to them.
Make sure your hospital has everything you need.

I had my second daughter at 26 weeks. She is 15 now, and 5’9". She is very healthy. She does have autism but that is because she was extremely premature.

If your almost 35 weeks you could still go another two weeks before you have your baby which would bring u to 37 weeks which is considered full term. But even if u gave birth now it’s still pretty safe. try not to worry, everything will be ok :slight_smile:

I had my son at 34+4 and we had a 8 day NICU stay that was it

I had my first at 36 weeks and she was perfectly healthy

They kept me when I tested positive my water broke… I was about 36 and 40 each time. I’m a premie. I didnt need to go to the NICU and I was only 3 lbs 7.8 oz (my biggest baby ended up being 8 7.8! )

I ended up having my twins at 35+1. It was a victory for me to even make it that long considering all of the issues I had during that pregnancy. I was so scared, too, trust me, I know what kind of fear and uncertainty you must be feeling! You will make it through this! You’ll find a strength in you that you didn’t even know you had and babies are surprisingly strong and resilient too. One of my babies was completely fine and never had to be on any kind of additional support. The smaller of the two (he was under 5lbs) only spent the first night in the NICU and even that was just precautionary to monitor how well he was maintaining his temperature. There were some additional challenges that came with a 35 weeker (they did have to have bilirubin, temps, blood sugars and so on very closely monitored) and the smaller of the two had a weak latch (he simply hadn’t developed his sucking reflexes completely) so I decided to pump and feed by bottle because it was simply easier for them both and getting the nutrients into them was more important than anything else at that point. It wasn’t all easy and there were some moments I felt like breaking down, but honestly I can look back and say I was a warrior and those tiny little boys are now happy and plump 5 month olds. You and your baby will be okay!

A good friend of mine had a set of twins at 26weeks and after a long long stay in the hospital both boys are perfectly healthy at 12 years old now! Best of luck. 35 weeks is early but not so early that it’s too risky.

My son was 35weeks exactly. He was on oxygen for about an hour. After tgat he was okay. He had to spend some time in the NICU because of his blood sugar and bilirubin. But was home in a week! He was 5lbs 5oz, but he quit growing a month or two before he was born. I was on bed rest for a month cause he was tryna come.
You’re little one will be okay(:

Take a deep breath. I had both of mine at 36 weeks. Both were absolutely perfect. Stress is not your friend.

I adopted at birth… My son was born at 34 weeks, we thought he was going to be in the hospital for a while we were so worried. He was born July fourth and came home with us July sixth. He also weighed 8lbs 6oz.

If you’re losing fluid aren’t you supposed to go in immediately? They told me of my water broke I had to deliver within 24 hours or baby can get an infection.


My last baby was a 34 weeker and she was fine. No oxygen needed and the only problem was keeping her temp up. I will say that we knew she was coming early bc she had been trying to come since 28 weeks so I had been getting steroid shots and had been in and out of the hospital several times for a few days at a time. So, those tests aren’t always accurate. My LO stayed put for 6 weeks after my first “positive” test and I was dilated 2 cm at 28 weeks :flushed:.

My friends water broke around that time and shes 38wks now, still hasnt gone into labor lol

I had my last child at home 8 weeks early and she was almost 3 lbs. the hospital told me I wasn’t in labor but anyway she is fixing to be 12 yrs old. Everything turned out fine bc I had already had the steroid shot for her lungs. The other issues were minor, I just couldn’t produce milk.

You should be fine. My son was born at 31 weeks at 3lbs 14oz and he’s a healthy 2 and a half year old now. He did have to stay in NICU e weeks but that was just because of his gestational age and due to needing bili lights that’s all.

One of my daughters was born at 36 weeks. She was a very tiny 5lbs 6.8ozs. Even preemie clothes were too big on her! She was immediately put in an “incubator.” I couldn’t hold her or breastfed her for 24 hours, but she very quickly started gaining weight and I was able to hold her. They gave her formula, but I’m sure you would be able to pump and give your baby that instead. I was so scared because she was so tiny, but she’s 19 now, and healthy and beautiful! Just do what is right for you and enjoy that baby! And don’t forget to take care of yourself!

my daughter was born at 35 weeks she was perfect and healthy no nicu no extra stay.

Daughter was born at 34 weeks…she was perfect…no NICU. …came home a week later

I had my son at 34 weeks. We were in the hospital for 16 days but NICU only a few. He was breathing on his own, he latched on to nurse immediately and was perfect just small due to my uterus. He was 4lb 13oz and 17 3/4" long and by the time we left almost 6lbs and 19.5" he is going to be 10 in August and is almost 5ft tall and perfectly fine :revolving_hearts: that was almost 10 years ago too so leaps and bounds have been made since then. Best of luck try and take it easy

My baby girl was born at 34 weeks. She was healthy and 5lbs 6oz… She was perfect. She is a thriving 7 almost 8 year old now and is amazing in every way… Take a deep breath. Everything will be ok.
She was in the NICU for 8 days just to make sure everything was ok.

I had my oldest daughter at 34 weeks. She had no problems and came home right away. She was 6lbs 9oz

36 weeks is 9 months, though I can understand not wanting to have your baby that early. We always strive for 40 weeks, but babies comes when they think they’re ready. Stay strong, momma!

My daughter was born at 34 weeks to the day. She was healthy except for low weight (4lbs 5oz). She was in NICU for not quite 2 weeks to gain weight. Feeding tube at first and was able to go home once she could drink 2 oz in one feeding and get up to 5 lbs (she was on an extra calorie formula).The day before she came home they had me to stay at hospital overnight with her ina private room). They also put her in her car seat in a wagon and walked her around hospital for the length of time that it would take me to get her home to make sure that she could handle the ride. They did warn me that she was more susceptible to viruses like RSV which she did end up getting and she was colic (not sure if prematurity contributed). On growth charts, she was compared to babies born when she was due, not when she was born for the first year. You may end up needing some preemie clothes and diapers. Prayers. I know it’s scary.

Have they given you your steroid injections to help mature baby’s lungs? My son had to be born at 38 weeks and I had to have the steriods x

I had my son at home at 28 week. We spent 8 weeks in hospital. 4 weeks on oxygen. At 34 weeks we started bottle. But I found out after I left the hospital that I could have breastfed him as soon as o2 was lowered

Mine were both full term BUT were very tiny, so pretty much preemie size. My first, she was measuring 3 pounds on ultrasound so they told me straight away I wouldn’t have her on my chest, she would go straight to be checked and then they will determine what to do, eventually she came to me (she was 4 pounds, so just big enough) but she was too small to stay awake to breastfeed so after a month of trying I had to switch to formula. My second he got to be on my chest while they checked him but he had to go to the NICU, due to holding his breath. Turns out he was hungry and holding his breath because he was so upset about it. In the end both of mine are healthy and great kids now. I would say prepare for anything, get everything physically ready, and get your mind ready because birth has no plan, you just gotta go with it.

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I was a month early and my lol fine. He was six pounds, 14 ounces

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C section at 36 weeks because my water broke but I wasn’t dilating. Went home a couple days later because he was perfect 7.14 pounds


Mine was born 35 weeks on the day and he spent about 45 minutes in the NICU just to stabilize and then came to me and was able to breastfeed. He did struggle to gain weight for a while but it all worked out. My water broke 2 days earlier and they kept me in the hospital and gave me steroid shots before they let me give birth :wink:

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My sister had my niece 11 weeks early. Bc her water broke at an ultrasound she had over amount of amniotic fluid. She was 2lbs and now 2 years old

I had my baby at 30 weeks, and he required a breathing tube not oxygen just air pressure and a feeding tube. We stayed in the hospital for 47 days and I say all of this not to scare you but I to tell you my baby is perfectly healthy today. I’m also a FTM Mom and was very scared, but our medical team was amazing.


My son was due in mid February I started contractions in mid October my doctor put me in the hospital with meds and a lot of prayers I had my son was born February 7

My youngest son was born early at 36 weeks. He was 6lbs 3oz. Totally healthy. He is about to be 16 now. No nicu time. He breastfed. But that’s about a week longer than where you are at. Whats baby measuring at? Usually that gives a better idea of how baby will do. But don’t stress. Remember the baby can feel that too. It will be just fine mama! You and baby will be great! You got this! Good luck! And congrats!

Induced with my 3rd at 36w for low amniotic fluid. He was in the NICU for low blood sugar about 2 weeks. I didn’t get a shot to help the lungs because during an ultrasound they made sure he was practice breathing. My 4th child had oxygen, I was induced at 39w for high blood pressure and she was in the NICU because she wouldn’t breath and I ran a fever during labor, so they were being cautious just in case the fever meant my uterus had an infection. My 5th pregnancy I had IUGR. Intrauterine growth restriction. Basically baby wasn’t growing very well. She was 4-6w behind in growth. I was induced at 39w. She was 5lbs 10oz and had no fat that babies gain during the last few weeks. We called her “no butt” to not be so disturbed by her not having a butt. She looked like she had sticks attached to a back. She went home with me. No NICU time. So who knows. I have never gotten the steroid shot for the lungs. Nothing was wrong with my 4ths lungs she just didn’t do proper practice breathing in the womb and her scan before induction barely caught her practicing. Took them 20+ min to see her practice and it was brief. She only had oxygen for 3 days of her 2 weeks stay.

If your water is leaking they should of kept you at the hospital with iv fluids


Had my 2nd son at 34+5 and he was ok. Stayed in the nicu for 11 days because he was jaundice and wasn’t eating well. We weren’t able to bf right away because he was in a neonate. He’s almost 4 now and totally fine.

Just think, hospitals are set up to deliver and treat at 22 weeks gestation. 22 weeks!!! At 34 weeks, girl you’re good! Baby will be small and may have a rough time breastfeeding, but if you’re really concerned talk to your ob about a steroid shot to help babys lungs. I had all 5 of my babies early, as early as 34 weeks. He was tiny but did amazing. You’ll be ok, mama. Best of luck

I went in at 28 weeks with my daughter, test came back + I ended up having her at 30 weeks. 🤷🏻

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Breathe mama everything will be okay, I heard that about the test to where it can be false positive or one lady here in S.C. had a negative it she had a baby 2 weeks later. Thought they stopped the test after 32 weeks🤔 I had the test Friday came back negative but I don’t think the test is always right and im 24 weeks. But try not to stress just because youcan still harm your baby. Good luck

I had my daughter at 32 weeks besides have to stay in the NICU for a while she was very healthy now have a three year old

Stay on bedrest. Your water replenishes itself. My water broke at 29 weeks, they gave me the steroid injections and set up an IV with antibiotics. At 32 weeks they determined it’s safer to deliver than it is to be pregnant with ruptured membranes (due to risk of infection). I was delivered at 32 weeks. Your baby should be ok.

Both my girls were born early. 33 weeks and 35 weeks. Neither had a problem at all! They weighed a little over 5 pounds at birth but gained weight properly. Dont worry too much​:blush::blush:

I had my 2nd at 34 weeks he was 4lbs 1oz and spent 16 days in NICU. I didn’t breastfeed because I was on very strong narcotics due to a liver surgery during pregnancy. He is now a very happy and healthy 8 year old!!!

I had mine at 34 weeks almost 35 no complications. He spent a few days in the nicu just mainly for growth and I did breastfeed but also supplemented with a bottle of formula cuz he was already eating a lot and my milk didn’t come in till like three days after I had him. He was born 5lbs 12 Oz. He is now 4 months perfectly healthy and he’s 17lbs :slightly_smiling_face:

I had my son at 34 weeks…he’s 18 now and perfectly healthy! He weighed 5lbs 6oz and the only issue He had was a little jaundice. He had to stay in the NICU for a week and couldn’t come home with me.

All my babies were born at 35-36 weeks and all were fine. No oxygen needed no nicu.

I had a 36 weeker, and while he was mostly fine (he had low blood sugar, but that fixed itself, and jaundice, but jaundice can happen to any baby) that’s not always the case. A couple family members had the same and their babies needed NICU time. Stay on bed rest, to the point where you only get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I should also mention that my son is actually behind currently (he’s 10mo, but his gross motor is a month or so behind) so that’s always a possibility too. I’m not saying any of this to freak you out, just to let you know it is possible

Just make sure you have the outfits you want in the hospital, the outfits for the baby you want a few diapers, a couple blankets, everyone is different when they go into labor your body will tell you when it’s time, and yes you can I nursed all my children not long after they were born, it’ll be ok! Your natural instincts will kick in and you’ll have the nurses there to help and your family members you let in! You got this!:wink:

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My son came at 36 weeks, not sure about the labor part because ended up getting an emergency c-section. He was pretty small, 4 lbs 3 oz, but luckily didn’t need help breathing, he did have an IV for a couple days though to regulate his blood sugar. Wasn’t able to breastfeed because his mouth was so tiny. He’s 4 months now and weighs over 14 lbs! Don’t get stressed, whatever is meant to happen, will happen and babies are very resilient :blush:

Positive a 33wks, baby born at 37🤷🏻‍♀️

My daughter was born at 34 weeks, no issues, and came home with me after 5 days in NICU and me recovering from c section

Ok. Take a deep breath then exhale. We’ve all been where you are. For starters, you will deliver and you and your baby will be fine.
You might go into labor in 2, 3, 4 weeks. You will go into labor when your body decides to go into labor. Preparing for labor is best accomplished by taking care of yourself; sleep, rest and eating well. You are going to be fine. This is the time to rest rest rest. Yes. You can breast feed right away. But don’t expect much right away. It’s a process and your body knows what to do. Right now, go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Have a dish of ice cream and enjoy.

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Out first was born early at 36 weeks. He was a little over 5 lbs but completely healthy! Breastfeeding was a little more challenging because his mouth was small so getting a good latch was a little difficult but we worked through it. He didn’t need any medical intervention, roomed in with me and we went home the next day! He is now 5 and very healthy and tall! The only advice I have is to stay an extra night kn the hospital if you can. It’s so helpful to have all the nurses around to help!
Make sure the car seat is installed and your bag packed.

I had my first son at 34 weeks 3 days he weighed 4lbs 13ozs and was in the NICU for 18 days. He’s now a happy healthy 4 year old.

My friend had her baby in November and she was due in March and she’s thriving . I just had my first one 3 months ago . Your instincts will kick in

My sis just had her baby at 31/32 weeks. Her babe only had breathing support for the first day. IVs for less than a week. She’s doing great and thriving. It can definitely all go smoothly. <3 Good luck!

Mine was born at 34 weeks and 5 days and he was in the NICU for about 3 weeks, and I couldn’t breastfeed right away but I did pump and the nurses made sure that’s what he got only. He is 3 now and very normal. We stayed in the Ronald McDonald House since he was 3 hours from our home and it kept us close to him the whole time. He did have jaundice but it was handled.

I had my son right at 31 weeks. He did not need oxygen. He did 40 days in the NICU, but he is 2 now and big for his age and doing great!