Activities with kids?

On a budget and I have to be outside the house for 3 hrs tomorrow for fumigation and I have a 2 yr old a 14 yr old and a dog. Any ideas on what to do?


Splash pad? It’s hot so you’ll need to stay cool and even the dog can go to splash pad on a leash. Pack a lunch and stuff for the dog too.

Park. Have a nice little picnic with some snacks for the kids and let the dog play around.


Lunch at a park bring bottles of water to poor in your hair to keep cool or a little spray fan if you have one

Park or maybe even go window shopping at stores like rural king where pets are allowed

Park, there might be some with creeks or splash pads. Have a nice lunch, play a while then head to an ice cream stand for ice cream. They should sale pup cups too for the dog!

Park, there might be some with creeks or splash pads. Have a nice lunch, play a while then head to an ice cream stand for ice cream. They should sale pup cups too for the dog!

The beach!! There are many dog beaches aren’t me not sure where your located! Or a lake day

Park, beach, local swimming pool, Feed the ducks, go on a hike, etc ect

splash pads are great or a park. if you have a large park pack a picnic and make it an adventure. Some theatres have free movies for kids in the morning. Good luck.

Anyone you know that you could hang out with for a few hours?

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Yep go to work! They let kids and pets any in!! You see them everywhere?? Or maybe you should just go to the neighbors house?

School starts tomorrow so the 14 yr old should be there as for the rest go to park

Pack a lunch and take the dogs to the doggy park

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Library, sprinklers or pool


Start with the park. Take a frisbee, bring a picnic lunch or, if you can swing it, go to fast food & order from the value menu. Some areas have the splash pads. Kids love 'em. Have fun!

Library? Splash pad? Picnic in the Park? Free museum anywhere near you?

Pack some snacks and head to the park.

McDonalds! That has a play ground so y’all be I’m A.c & use clean restroom

Go to the mall
Lots of malls have indoor play areas
Pack lunches and snacks so you don’t need to buy food

Park and a quick picnic…dog will love it too.

2. Forest and go bug hunting
3. Beach crab hunting
4. Water park thats free
5. Mcdonalds play
6. Walk around and learn car colors. Have them name the color. If color is wrong then ur. Do 10 jumping jacks. If they know colors do something they need to work on like number of tires doors etc

Picnic, park play, thsm an ice cream cone? Do youbhave a free splash pad around?

Pack a lunch and go to park. Dog and kids can play.

How hot is it where your at?pack a lunch public pool library park a museum?

Water park or beach! Its hard to find indoor activities that would allow a non service dog!

Park, if it’s warm, maybe go to a river or lake nearby. Somewhere with lots of shade. You guys can look at nature and stuff.

Depends on where you are and the temperature. Google free events in your area and see if they are pet friendly!

Really? You have to ask other people what you should do?


God don’t like ugly. Kristie Mason.may be she not from here n just wanted some ideas. Don’t pass judgment on people n speak ill unless you know the whole reason they asked

Park, if you have a swim area where it is conducive for both children and can take a dog (take poop bags with you) . Playground with activities for both ages. If 14 year old likes basketball maybe a place a playground area that has a court. Take lunch, snacks and drinks.