A school employee blocked me but continues posting my kids on social media: Advice?

Need some input please! So a school employee blocked me on Facebook which I don’t care one bit about but the same employee posts pictures of my children on the schools open pto. Page and I have no way of seeing what pictures she has posted of my children. I’m furious she is posting the on Facebook and I have no way to monitor my kids pictures. Please any advice


Was you okay with it until you were blocked? Did you sign a release form? If so I would revoke it. If not then I would definitely go to the school and make it known you don’t want your child on social media.


Just revoke the media permission. Every year a form goes home asking permission for media. My kids are no media due to a stalker. The school can’t post my kids photos, names, etc.


We are definitely missing info on this so we can’t even respond. You need to go to school board then


With my kids school we have to sign a photo release form. Is it her personal fb page or the school’s page? Either way you should have a meeting with this teacher, the school principal and possibly the superintendent

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You’re able to fill out a form that states pics of your kids are not to ne taken/posted online


Just remember, if u do fill out the form that keeps the school from taking/posting photos of ur child , that could end up with the child feeling left out being the only one not posted. So I’d sit n think to myself "is there really a reason to feel unsafe about them posting my child of I can’t see the photos (cuz I highly doubt they would post anything that could be harmful to the children) is it more about u not being able to see the photos n being blocked than a genuine concern. I’m not saying u don’t have a right to feel how u do. Ur feelings are valid. But since it affects ur child just try to think about how it affects them too


Have you talked to the teacher and principal because by right teachers are not allowed to post photos of any students without the consent of their parents

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Are you sure you didn’t sign anything approving this would be okay?

When you register your child did you sign paperwork giving permission to post to social media if not go to the authorities

Unless you did not sign the form allowing it, they’re allowed to do it. If you don’t wish for your child to be posted, contact the school.

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There should be a form that you allow or do not allow the school to take and use photos of your children. Start there with the school office.


If you did give permission then it’s got to be a reason you are blocked is there missing information


if you didnt give the school permission to post pictures of your child on any school site or not the school cant post it when all papers came home with child begining of yearr there should of been a form if ok with or not. at least our schools do this.


You had to fill out a paper at the beginning of school. If you put it was ok, then you can’t say anything unless you go fill out a new paper saying it’s not allowed

My school gives a form at the beginning of the school year asking if you will/will not give permission.

Did you sign permission for the school to post pictures of the child?

Contact the school superintendent if you’re getting nowhere with the school itself. I find driving myself to the school and speaking to them helps if not district office.

talk to the school board, did you sign a photography waiver

Take it to the Principal. If no results then go to the District. These are minors and permissions are required before posting minors online.


Definitely go to the school over it. Or school board.


Contact the school office and double check whether or not you signed anything giving permission for your child’s image to be shared. If you have given permission, ask for a new form, so it’s updated that you don’t want their image shared. After that’s taken care of email your child’s teachers, principles and superintendent in a group email. That way all of them are aware. I’d also email the staff member that’s sharing pics, along with the superintendent and principles in a separate mail. It’s best to email, that way you have proof that they were all made aware of the situation. It wouldn’t hurt to email PTO members, as well as the admins on the PTO FB page.

You cannot see the pto fb?

In our school district parent fills out a “no media” form if they do not want their children’s pictures taken or posted.

Contact the principal and tell them you do not give any permission for your child(ren) to be posted and demand something be done about this employee. Bonus points if anyone can screenshot them for proof.

Most school have parents fill out a photo release form at the start of the school year. If you gave consent on that form, then there is nothing you can do until next year and then don’t give consent.

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What a fucking weird O. Anyways I would definitely talk to either to the principal or their boss.

Well there at school so I doubt bad pics lol


Did you sign a permission form allowing them to?

PTO doesn’t override the district communications director or the superintendent. Start there.

Report her to the school.

Go to the School District.

Talk to the principal or the school board

School board right the way

Get her fired…she can’t post pics of your child without your permission that you cannot see…call the principal.

Create another page for yourself & check her page or have a mutual contact screenshot pictures of your kids making sure her name is showing as poster. First go to the principal with the screenshots. Don’t reveal who)how you got the screenshots. If the principal doesn’t stop it go to the superintendent. That’s a violation of privacy. If you didn’t sign the paper at the beginning of the year giving permission then it’s a firable offense.

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Did you signed the permission to allow them to share the pictures ? If you did , try to see if you can revoke it so they can’t post anymore.

Usually schools have you sign a paper stating whether you are ok with this or not. At least that’s what mine does.

I’d rather know why you were blocked… That’s the tea.


My son’s school sends home picture permission slips for use if children on social media.
Have you contacted the school?

You would have signed a form at the beginning of the year for this. The school either has permission or does not have permission to post your child. I would still talk to someone about not being able to see what is posted bc of the person having you blocked, that wouldn’t sit well with me on its own… but you could always tell them you no longer want any photos posted and ask to redo your permission form.

Go to the school and sign/resign the form that allows social media posts.

Talk to the school. Tell them that if your kids are going to be posted in pictures you need to be able to see them. So this person in particular needs to unblock you, or stop posting your kids.

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Report her to fb and the school and they have to get your permission to post your minor children on SM. I’d be infuriated

Did you give them the permission when you fill up their application to post their pictures. There could be a reason why they blocked you.

Missing much info in this post.
What kind of school employee is this? Where did she block you (her personal page)? Why did she block you? Does this employee block all parents or is it just you?

I personally wouldn’t any to be Facebook friends with the parents of my current students.

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There should be a paper giving or declining permission to post pictures of your child(ren)
Call the school office and ask

Some teachers are not comfortable with bring fb with parents. Did you send a request, and then she blocked you? She might do that to every parent. Sounds like said teacher runs the PTO FB page. I’m assuming you cannot see the PTO FB, because she blocked you. If this is correct, I would just message her and tell her you cannot access the PTO site anymore.

Why would a teacher block a parent?
That’s strange to me, makes me wonder what you was doing to be blocked.
But here we have to sign a consent form every year for a kid to be pictured on the internet…


There was a form I signed with the school they could not take photos with my children for any reason, with out my permission. You can call the administrator office talk with the superintendent or assistant if you don’t want to go to the principal.


Contact the school… have someone else look and take screen shots of the pictures that have been posted. Make sure you didn’t sign a form approving pictures of your kids being posted

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Definitely seems more like control than concern :woman_shrugging: you don’t get blocked for nothing…

Most schools have to have your permission to display your child’s image, name etc on any website or paper. Check with the school office and tell them you don’t want your children displayed in that way, however if your child gets an award or honor roll it will prevent them from putting your child in the paper or online.

My kid’s schools have always sent home a photo release form at the beginning of the year either allowing or refusing their photos to be posted to social media or the school website; if you allowed it then you need to call the school and tell them you no longer want your child’s images posted.

You gave permission in the beginning of school for them to post pictures. If you want to change the permission just contact the school for a new form to revoke the media permission. I’m assuming you made a nasty comment or post to be blocked from the school site to be able to see the pictures.

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