10 month old always wants to be held

I have a 10 month old who is attached my hip. Tons of toys and rather just cry at my feet. Any tips to make her more independent ? I can’t even walk out of the room.


Attach him to your hip. Soon enough he will be saying “go away”.


My daughter is 13 months old and she is same way. I don’t have any tips but it’s normal it will get worse. I try to step outta room for 10 min or so. So she can see she will be ok

Get a carrier and baby wear, she’s 10 months, not 10 years.


Walk out of the room and do what you need to do. She’ll be fine.


Join a local play group

Baby carriers work wonders. It also helps to sit on the floor with the child. Reassuring that you arent leaving just putting them down. Slowly get up and explain why you’re getting up to leave. Itll take a while for them to understand but eventually they won’t be as tied to the hip.


Enjoy it while it lasts, she will out grow it soon.


My now two year old was like this. Now he doesn’t like when I play with him unless we’re throwing the ball. Enjoy the constant loving of mommy. Sometimes it doesn’t last long.

Trying to figure the same thing out with my 5 month old


I made mine independent too early lol she doesnt even wanna cuddle

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Yes enjoy it while it lasts BUT its difficult to get stuff done when a child is constantly crying at your feet, especially if you have other children. Dont pick her up if shes crying like that, teach her she will alright by herself for a minute. Also kids NEED to learn to self-entertain! Reassure her she is ok, she is fine, you’re right there, but you wont be picking her up. All of my kids are independent but when they want the attention they 100% come get it. We cuddle and watch movies and play but they also have learned they dont constantly need my attention and they play by themselves or with each other!

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Enjoy her wanting your attention now. 10-15 years from now, you’ll be getting doors slammed at you and demands to be left alone. It’s a stage all babies go through. It passes.


I’m not sure what state you’re in, but where I live they have people who can come in to help with that. My 7 month old is the exact same way. To the point no one can hold him except for me, not even his dad, or he screams and screams. So I understand where you’re coming from. For my son, it’s caused him to be further behind than other babies his age because he literally doesn’t want to do anything other than be in my arms. Thankfully he has an amazing pediatrician and referred us to people who are helping him in a lot of different areas. But I would start small, try leaving baby for 30 minutes, then an hour, and so on (with someone you trust), and be consistent with it, to help baby not be so attached.

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Soon she’ll be 15 and you’ll wonder if she’s even in the house because she’s barricaded herself in her room all day, enjoy it while it last :joy:


She’s a baby. That’s what they do. You’re all they know. She’ll grow out of it eventually.

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I usually enjoy it. But if you need to really do something or need a moment put her in a highchair, pack and play or her room for 10-15 min.

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Teach her to play with everything and play for a few minutes with her then tell her you have to finish cleaning so she can continue playing. Just cuz she can’t talk doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand. And only do work for 5-10 minutes. You can’t really do much unless she’s truly attached to you like in a baby back pack or something. I used to put mine in her play pen in front of the TV with toys so she wouldn’t be bored while I showered or cleaned.

I had the same problem but with now a 4 year old that doesn’t want my attention 24-7 I miss the days when he use to want me all the time. Enjoy it while it lasts. Days seem long but the years are short.

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When I have work to do, I put my 9.5 month old in either his highchair (for dishes and cooking since it’s in the kitchen) or in his walker, so he can just follow me around while I vaccum and etc… that usually helps, even if it’s just for a bit.

My 14 month old is the same - I try to distract him with his trucks and other activities to encourage independent play. I think it’s just a developmental phase. I know it can drive you nuts though

My almost 10 month old son is the same, I just have to distract him with a toy, when I’m in the kitchen he plays with magnets on the dishwasher or fridge.

Is this post a joke . Baby is 10 months old :roll_eyes:


My daughter is 10 months she’s exactly the same I breastfeed so she is literally stuck to me constantly she has to sleep holding my hand and won’t even settle fo get dad when she ears my voice its game over :joy: I no what people are saying it is very hard I got 5 kids and a house to run but I just get through it once she starts crawling she will be much more independent but there’s nothing more greater that that cuddle with mommy I love our cuddles she holds me so tight the love is remarkable u will b okaa momma x

Google ideas to help with toddler separation anxiety. Baby might be afraid you’re going to leave when he/she isn’t looking. I used to pick my son up and give him a bunch of hugs and love and a few fun tickles to make him laugh then I’d set him down on the floor and show him some cool toys to distract him while I walked away to take care of what I need to do.

Yeah shes a baby and only wants mama. My son is almost 3 and he’s just now starting to let people play with him. He would nevet go to anybody else besides me and maybe my dad. Not even my husband lol

He’s not supposed to be independent. He’s a baby and needs your attention. This won’t last long. Enjoy it.


Get him around other kids/ babies… do play dates…

My daughter started to be like that, I started leaving with her with EVERYBODY. :person_shrugging:
Grandma, daddy, godmother, cousins, friends. Yep.
I started out 30mins at a time. And I’d call at the 15min mark, if she was quiet, I didn’t speak to her. Then it was an HR. And after really doing this for a month or 2, she stopped.
They’re learning space. They don’t understand that when you leave a room, you aren’t vanishing.
Start small. Let her cry for a few mins. Then just add more time being gone.
She will outgrow it, but it drove me insane. Lol


You need to let someone that you trust to watch him or her and go out even if it’s just for short trips. You need some alone time too.:pray::pray:

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Start leaving her with a babysitter for even just an hour a day in your home she will probably cry and scream the first few times but then she realizes that Mommy comes back. I did this with my daughter and it worked really well she realized she didn’t have to be right next to me (basically held and carried around constantly).

Take it in. You’re gonna want these days back when she’s a teenager and hates you lol


Try day care a few days week for a few hours a day. Builds their independence, makes seeing other adults ‘normal’ (rather than their world being solely parents+siblings), expands their social skills and gives you a break! Obviously at 10 mo they still need mama, but you’ll seriously wish you would have enrolled them sooner.

Lord a lap baby for sure I am so scared that I will be what is going to happen with my 3 month old granddaughters

It’s completely normal and will be for a few months! She’s attached to you and that a good thing. It shows that she trust you and feels safe when your close. You can try distracting her with toys and/or snacks. Keep her close and it’s ok if she cries some.

Also, mine used to do that. I would just let them cry BUT after 5 minutes of crying, I would get down on floor with kiddo and try to calm them down. Then get back up once they stopped. You have to be persistent. Eventually it will stop. Best thing to do is take to a kiddie park where other kids are. Or set up play dates.

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Just wants more attention. One day they grow up and don’t. Soak it all in.

Giver her positive attention

Walk away and let her cry. She’ll eventually shit up and play.

Maybe have someone watch her for a few minutes while you run to the store at first, then slowly go an hour or two, then go on a date night. I think it takes time for little ones to get adjusted, but she will be fine and it sounds like both of you could grow from some independent time away from each other. Plus, it makes you miss her and her miss you while you’re gone, then lots of hugs and kisses when you return :heart:

My 2 year old is the same way

Its natural all go threw that at thY age. She will get past it. But this is a natural healthy part of her development. It shows she has an attachment to you. That’s a good thing. Love her and hold her one day she wont want you any more and this phase is short and only last a few months…

Best to call grandma now. She knows what works and what don’t.

Always tell yourself “it’s just a phase” what I would probably do is sit on the ground and play with her toys… let her come to you(don’t ask her to play), she’ll see you interested in it and hopefully want to be too, then make up an excuse like laundry or bathroom, get up without her and tell her to protect your toys until you get back… she’ll feel needed and excited… this is just my thinking, hopefully it works out for you…